General Hospital Fans Are Totally Over Josslyn And Dex's Angst

Michael Corinthos' (Chad Duell) plan to send his father Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) to jail has changed. He had hired Dex Heller (Even Hofer) to take on the dangerous job of infiltrating Sonny's criminal organization and gathering evidence to send him to prison. Dex did as he was ordered, and gave Michael a video of Sonny illegally trafficking weapons. However, Michael's wife, Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen), is on her deathbed and asked Michael to patch things up with his dad. Having a change of heart, Michael opted not to turn Sonny in.

However, Dex has been dating Michael's sister — and former step-daughter of Sonny — Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy). Joss hoped that the mission would be completed quickly, and once Sonny was incarcerated, Dex would be free of the mob. But Michael's decision not to follow through has put Dex in what appears to be an impossible situation. He considered leaving town, but she begged him to stay, even going so far as to ask Sonny to set Dex free of his dangerous job. Sonny agreed but insisted that if Dex wants to leave, he has to be the one to ask. Dex and Joss' constant worry that Sonny might kill him has made the viewers weary, and the fans were underwhelmed when Sonny didn't seem to care much that the two were dating, even though he forbade Dex from seeing Joss initially.

Now, Josslyn is in full panic mode.

The fans are tired of the Josslyn/Dex drama

"General Hospital" fans have been split over whether or not they approve of Josslyn Jacks and Dex Heller's romance. Now that Michael Corinthos has decided against turning his father into the authorities, Dex and Joss worry that he could be killed, or at least have no way out of Sonny Corinthos' criminal enterprise. The show linked a video clip on Twitter of Josslyn tearing into Michael for changing his mind, captioning it: "Josslyn is furious with Michael for his change of heart regarding Sonny."

The underwhelming fan point of view continued, as one wrote, "Anyone else bored with Joss, Dex, Michael, and Willow?" Another perplexed viewer asked, "Why would she be furious when she literally just asked Sonny to fire Dex?" While a handful of responses approved of Dex and Joss' relationship, many admitted to being bored with the story, and some were even outraged, with one viewer remarking, "They're working too hard to make her Carly 2.0, when in reality, she grew up protected and privileged. The Dex romance was too soon, and they should've allowed her character to mature more. It looks like a little girl trying to play grown-up, too quickly." This was referencing the fact that Joss, much like her mother Carly Spencer (Laura Wright), had no problem reaping the financial benefits of Sonny's illegal activities.

As the negative comments rolled on, one fan succinctly and hilariously posted, "Barf. So sick of Joss."