Blazers Are All The Rage For Summer 2023, But One Styling Trick Is Seriously Dated

Your personal style aesthetic may determine what pieces dominate your closet, but there are a few items so classic, everyone can find a way to rock them. Case in point: the blazer. "A great blazer is one of the most versatile things we can have in our closets," Los-Angeles based stylist Margaret Williamson Bechtold told The Zoe Report. And she's right — the tailored jacket is so versatile, it can take you from work to a night out and anywhere in between.


A trusty blazer can also work just as well in summer as it does in winter (just swap heavy wool and insulating polyester blends for lightweight cotton and linen). In fact, blazers are having a major moment this summer. For proof, look to the spring/summer 2023 collections of designers like Tom Ford, Dries Van Noten, and Chanel.

However, the way you may have sported a warm-weather blazer in the past might be outdated this year. Before heading out the door, here's the one styling trick to avoid and ways to freshen up your summer blazer look.

Skip the blazer and biker shorts combo this summer

Over the last few summers, biker shorts became the borrowed-from-the-'90s style every celebrity and fashion influencer seemed to be wearing. And one uniform, in particular, seemed to be the go-to way to pull off the spandex-y bottoms: the blazer and biker shorts combo. As early as 2017, Bella Hadid was seen kicking off the outfit trend during Paris Fashion Week (via Grazia), while her sister Gigi followed suit a couple of years later when she wore a white blazer with black biker shorts. And the Hadids aren't the only ones — Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and other style icons have embraced the ensemble.


However, like any trend that becomes ubiquitous, the blazer/biker shorts look has started to feel dated, especially as a slew of fresh new trends have popped up. The Princess Diana-esque athleisure shorts no longer seem to fit in among the new crowd of sheer clothes, straightforward tailoring, and feminine details like flowers and heart motifs. Plus, biker shorts can be surprisingly fussy, sometimes riding up and almost always being too tight to tuck tops into.

Fresh ways to wear a blazer when the temperatures start rising

Biker shorts may be an easy solution to beat the heat while wearing a blazer on top, but there are numerous other ways to rock a summery blazer without reaching for the same shorts you wear to your cycling class. The flattering blazer trend we should all embrace in 2023 is a departure from the boxy, oversized silhouettes of previous seasons. Now, blazers are becoming more fitted and nipped at the waist — and that means you can embrace a little more volume on the bottom. Team a fits-like-a-glove blazer with looser skirts or roomy cargo pants for a bit of balanced contrast.


Denim has also been a fashion standout this season, seen splashed on midi skirts, boyfriend jeans, and fitted dresses. Try pairing your favorite summer blazer with a denim garment for a casual street-style feel.

If you prefer to stick with shorts in the summer, retire your biker version for something a little more current. Bermuda shorts (ideally in a roomy fit) is one on-trend option that will feel just as cool and easygoing as the biker shorts you refused to take off last summer.