The Shag Is An Ideal Haircut For Curly Hair - Here's Why

Curls can have a mind of their own sometimes. They're undeniably fun, unique, and versatile. However, as amazing as they can be, there are just some things curls aren't well suited to, such as a style that's reliant on short, spiky layers, like an edgy pixie. Sure, you can probably pull it off with the help of a straightener and various styling products, but why would you want to aggressively tame your luscious locks?

Especially when so many awesome haircuts can help you have effortless good hair days without coercing your curls into unnatural patterns. One trending cut in particular is ideal for hair with coils: the shag cut. Thanks to everyone's love of nostalgic hairstyles, we predict the curly shag will be quite popular in 2023. But this style has much more to offer than just a trendy look; it can also help curly hair feel lighter and healthier.

Why the curly shag just won't quit

Surprisingly, this seventies throwback is perfectly at home in this decade. The artistic director for Matrix, Michelle O'Connor, says "It's ultra-modern, has a sleekness that hugs the face and allows you to play with the piecey-ness that only curly tendrils can give you" (via SheFinds). O'Connor certainly knows what she is talking about. The shag hairstyle is ideal for highlighting the face in all the right areas.

When done right, the layers of a shag cut help to remove bulk on the sides and ends. Not only does this make the hairstyle look shapely, but it also can bring some much-needed relief if you find your voluminous hair a bit heavy at times. Face framing layers can help soften the silhouette of more defined face shapes, like square or rectangular. Add some fun fringe via shag bangs to further frame the face and diversify your haircut. Who doesn't love a contour effect that doesn't require any makeup?

Easy and effortless

Shag haircuts are meant to appear a little free-spirited; it's part of their appeal. If you have curly hair, the layers in a shag cut can offer you an effortless style that's low on maintenance. Shag cuts are sometimes called messy looking, but we don't think that's true. Instead, they're fun, free-spirited, and full of life. Layered curls are excellent for adding movement, a key component of the shag cut. It's not meant to look perfectly coiffed or painstakingly put together, which probably sounds like a huge relief for your morning routine. Not only will it save you from freaking out in front of the mirror, but it will also reduce the number of hot tools you use on your hair; likely reducing damage.

The shag haircut suits nearly every length, texture, and type of hair. Whether wearing it retro-style or opting for a new trendy take like the skullet, we're confident that a shag can be the haircut of your curly girl dreams. Hairstylist and New York City salon owner Ryan Trygstad states that "There are so many versions of [the shag]—there is always the right style version for you," (via Glamour). There's no time like the present to cut bulk, embrace chic messiness, and enjoy the effortless styling of the curly shag.