Cargo Pants Are Seriously Trending Right Now, But What Shoes Should You Wear With Them?

Women rarely get to enjoy the luxury of clothing with pockets. Pockets date back nearly 500 years, before women regularly wore pants and trousers. But while women through history fought for their right to rock a pair of pants (amongst other things), the disparity between men's and women's pockets continues to grow. The reason that most women follow up a compliment about their outfit with an enthusiastic, "Thanks, it has pockets!" is because real, deep pockets on women's clothing are few and far between. One study conducted by Pudding found that "On average, the pockets in women's jeans are 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower than men's pockets."

Too often, women end up lugging around large, heavy purses to carry all their essentials due to their lack of pockets. But thanks to the resurgence of an iconic pocket-filled pant, women can be hands-free while carrying everything they might need when they're on-the-go. The trendy Y2K cargo pants are back in full force, so channel your inner Kim Possible with these comfortable and stylish pants that work for practically any occasion.

When you're looking to style cargo pants for the first time in a long time, consider these ten shoe styles to complete your look. 

Comfy athletic shoes

One of our favorite tried and true pairings are cargo pants and athletic shoes. A shoe with plenty of support is always ideal, especially worn with flowing cargo pants. But it's not just the comfort we love about this combo: Instagram user @brianaaa7 shows us just how fashionable a sporty look can be when you pair athletic shoes with cargo pants. Her white and forest green Nikes perfectly compliment the light green color in her pants, and balance the soft yellow details in the rest of her fit. 

Wavy mules

Cargo pants aren't just for casual looks. With the right pair of shoes, the cargo pant style can transform the garment into office-ready workwear. Because of the wide leg of most cargo pants, wearing slim shoes is a great way to subdue the bulk near your ankles. These black, pointed-toe mules worn by Instagram user @noiroom balance out the billowing fabric in their tan cargo pants, creating a chic silhouette worthy of adding to your 9 to 5 wardrobe. 

Leather sandals

Rocking cargo pants in the spring and summer months can be tricky — you want to enjoy the fashionable, comfortable pant trend, but overheating in heavy pants is definitely a concern. As a compromise, we love adding a lightweight, open-toed sandal to the outfit. This style ensures you will stay nice and cool while rocking your favorite Y2K era style. Sandal styles are also extremely versatile — you're sure to find a matching material and color for every pair of cargos you plan or wearing in the warmer months. 

The iconic dad shoes

These color-blocked New Balance sneakers have been having a serious moment in fashion lately — dubbed "the dad shoe," New Balance was amongst the top five shoe brands that younger generations reached for last year. Pairing a chunky shoe like New Balances with cargo pants is perfect for the ultimate sporty aesthetic. Cute and casual are not mutually exclusive, and this stylish pairing proves it. In this outfit, you can walk for miles without discomfort and enjoy all your summer plans without sacrificing your style. 

Chic pumps

If you're looking to really dress up your cargo pants, don't be afraid to reach for your favorite pair of pumps. High heels instantly elevate any outfit (no pun intended), and pair beautifully with the work pant style. Instagram user @marilynshop109 put together a stunning outfit, complete with brown cargo pants, a sheer black top, and black stilettos. Her outfit works especially well because of the bunched seem at the bottom of her cargo pants, giving way for her stylish heels to shine.

Studded clogs

If you're looking for a unique pair of shoes that will make a statement against your cargo pants, consider a pair of studded clogs. The heavy soles and stylish material is an interesting juxtaposition to the flowing pants style that really draw your eyes towards the intricate details of the outfit. We challenge fashionistas to take the clog idea a step further and rock cargo pants with a jibbitz-covered pair of colorful crocs. The incredibly comfortable "ugly shoe" has stayed in style for a few years thanks to Gen Z, and our feet aren't complaining. 

Classic sneakers

No matter what style of pants you are wearing, you can never go wrong with a pair of Converse. The iconic street shoe is a timeless classic: whether you're a high-top purest or your prefer to slip on your low top shoes with ease, Converse will never go out of style. Once you dust off your cargo pants from twenty years ago and ease them back into your wardrobe rotation, pairing them with a simple pair of Converse is a great outfit for running errands and casual coffee dates. 

Platform boots

If you're looking to channel your inner G.I. Jane, combat boots are a great shoe choice to pair with your cargo pants. Whether you prefer Docs or Timbs, a platform boot is what most of us picture when we imagine an outfit with cargo boots. Instagram user @kajbysummerjarrett posted a photo of this gorgeous model wearing black, patent leather Doc Martens and army green cargo pants. If you're looking for an outfit that says, "I'm a total badass," this one is for you. 

Trendy slides

When you're in a rush or you don't feel like lacing up a bulky shoe, there's no shame in sliding in a pair of comfortable sandals. Instagram user @alohaitsjulia shared a photo with the caption, "EZ going", which perfectly captures the vibe of her stunning outfit. She paired cream colored, low rise cargo pants with a white, sleeveless crop top and chunks cream slides. This look is effortlessly chic, and has plenty of potential for accessories and personal styling. 

Strappy heels

If you're looking to really make a statement with your shoes, strappy heels are the way to go. TikTok user @whitneykaskisuo shared her go-to styling tips for wearing cargo pants, and we were surprised at how well her unique take on lacing up her heels transformed her outfit. This creator wraps the straps of her heels around the outside of her sand-colored cargo pants, bunching up the loose hem at the ankles. The finished product totally elevates the traditional cargo pants style, and lets her adorable heels take center stage.