Christie Brinkley's Kids Have Grown Up To Be Gorgeous

By the time Christie Brinkley cruised into our collective consciousness via a cherry red Ferrari in National Lampoon's 1983 hit, "Vacation," the supermodel was well on her way to becoming America's sweetheart. With her long, blonde mane, tanned, toned body, and sunny smile, she was the epitome of the 1980s California girl, appearing on not just one but three consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers from 1979-1981. 


Over the years, Christie has graced the covers of thousands of magazines, and she was the face of Cover Girl cosmetics for more than 20 years. In addition, she was the object of ex-husband Billy Joel's affection in the video for his song "Uptown Girl," had a recurring role on "Parks and Recreation," and played the famous role of "Chicago's" Roxie Hart on Broadway. Most recently, the 5-foot 9-inch stunner competed on "Dancing with the Stars" before an injury forced her to withdraw from the competition, only to be replaced by her look-alike youngest daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook.

Though her resume is filled with titles like model, actress, dancer, author, and spokesperson, Brinkley may be most proud of the title "mom." Her three children Alexa Ray Joel, Jack Paris Brinkley-Cook, and Sailor Brinkley-Cook, are grown up, gorgeous, and making their own names in the world.


Alexa Ray Joel's career hits all the right notes

The oldest of Christie Brinkley's three children, Alexa Ray Joel, is the only child the "Uptown Girl" shares with her former husband, Billy Joel. With her dark hair and eyes, Alexa closely resembles her famous father, but looks aren't the only thing they share. She also inherited his talent as a singer, songwriter, and pianist. Alexa has been writing and performing her own music since the age of 19, releasing an EP and several singles on independent labels. After dealing with some personal issues, the aspiring singer took a 10-year hiatus. She returned to the music scene in 2021 with her single "Seven Years" — a song she told Billboard she penned for her fiancé Ryan Gleason.


Although she has not enjoyed the commercial success of her legendary dad, Alexa counts him among her biggest supporters. The two have even performed together several times at Madison Square Garden in New York City. She told People that after hearing "Seven Years," her father called her to express his pride, saying: "Honey, this is great!"

Alexa Ray Joel has dipped her toe into the modeling pool

Although Alexa Ray Joel once told NewBeauty that she is a "non-model," the camera disagrees. In a 2017 photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, Alexa showed off her hourglass figure in a sexy black bikini as she posed alongside her famous mother and younger sister on the beach. The effect was nothing short of spectacular, with Alexa's dark hair and smoldering looks standing in sharp contrast to the two blonds. Alexa said she accepted the assignment primarily because she would be doing it with her family and because she appreciates how Sports Illustrated shows that beauty is not one-size-fits-all by the wide range of models it features within its pages. "I think it's important for all the young women out there to see that," she said (via NewBeauty).


A few years later, the raven-haired beauty once again found herself in front of the camera with her mom and sister, this time for the denim company NYDJ as part of their 2021 "Foundations" campaign. Alexa used the platform to discuss topics like body image, telling People that beauty is "about being creative" and having "freedom of expression."

Alexa Ray Joel has been the target of media bullying

Growing up in the spotlight is challenging for anyone. But the limelight can be especially harsh when your mother is one of the most beautiful women in the world and your father is a music industry icon. Alexa Ray Joel, who has referred to herself as a "late bloomer" (via Today), says that the media attention she received growing up wasn't always kind. "They used to pick on my looks, and I used to care too much about how they perceived me," she admitted to Social Life.


The negativity took a toll on young Alexa, especially after she found herself on the receiving end of snarky comments from Perez Hilton. She told the magazine that the internet gossip monger criticized her appearance on his website, first calling her a slut, and later saying that she was "no supermodel" (via People). Although People reported that Alexa clapped back at Hilton publicly on her former MySpace page, it apparently wasn't enough to ease her pain. She eventually withdrew from the public eye, even refusing to perform her own music for nearly 10 years.

Heartbreak and depression lead to Alexa Ray Joel's suicide attempt

Things took a turn for the worst in December of 2009 when Alexa Ray Joel took a handful of pills in an apparent suicide attempt. Her publicist told CNN the pills were homeopathic and not life-threatening. Still, it was clear that the young performer was dealing with some serious issues, including a recent breakup, and that this may have been a cry for help. But while the breakup might have been the final straw, rumors started swirling that Alexa's actions might have resulted from a fight with her mother, Christie Brinkley. Alexa swiftly put that theory to bed, telling People that her attempt "had everything to do with my depression, my anxiety, a dysfunctional on-and-off relationship with my ex — nothing to do with my relationship with either one of my parents."


Over the years, Alexa has spoken candidly about the experience to help others who suffer from heartbreak-related depression and similar issues, offering hope and solidarity. Shortly after the incident, in a since-deleted Facebook post (via CNN), Alexa said that she hopes to raise awareness about what she calls a "very serious and painful condition that often gets 'swept under the carpet.'"

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ by dialing 988 or by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

Alexa Ray Joel has undergone cosmetic surgery to look less like her dad

Alexa Ray Joel is not just open about her mental health — she is equally candid about her physical appearance. It's hard to imagine that someone with her sultry looks could be insecure about her beauty. Still, constant comparisons to Christie Brinkley could make any woman doubt her good looks. Alexa underwent rhinoplasty in 2010, just a few short months after her failed suicide attempt. While it may have seemed like a rash decision, Alexa told People she had been considering the procedure for several years before going through with it. She said she is pleased with the results, adding: "I look more like me than my father's daughter now."


Of course, haters gonna hate, and the public began to get nosey about what else the brunette bombshell had done to alter herself. She addressed the speculation on her Instagram account (via People), denying everything but the nose and crediting a talented makeup artist and a healthy dose of self-esteem for the perceived change in her looks.

Will Alexa Ray Joel get her happily ever after?

Even though a bad breakup and heartbreak-related depression caused Alexa Ray Joel to try to take her own life in 2009, she didn't give up on love. The singer began dating restauranteur Ryan Gleason in 2013. Less than five years later, an obviously delighted Alexa publicly shared via Instagram the happy news that Gleason had popped the question. In the 2018 post that featured a photo of the beautiful couple on the beach, Alexa said she was "completely taken off guard, dumbstruck, and shell-shocked" and later posted a picture of the impressive emerald-cut diamond on her hand.


In 2019, Alexa told People that she and her mother were in the early planning stages of what she thought would be an "elegant, old-world" New York wedding. However, she said neither she nor Gleason was in a rush. Apparently not, as of 2023, there is still no date set and no new photos of the couple on Alexa's Instagram in just over a year. Only time will tell, but here's hoping for a happily ever after.

Jack Brinkley-Cook won't be walking the runways

Christie Brinkley married real estate developer Richard Taubman after her divorce from Billy Joel. The marriage may not have been great (it was over in one year), but one good thing definitely came out of it — her son Jack Paris Brinkley-Cook.


Her handsome son, adopted by Christie's fourth husband, Peter Cook, tends to fly under the radar compared to his famous mom and siblings. An aspiring actor, Jack graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theater & Film School in New York and has appeared in a few short films. And while he shares the near flawless gene pool his family is known for and is signed to not one, but two modeling agencies, don't expect him to be gracing the cover of GQ anytime soon or strutting his stuff on the catwalk. Despite appearing alongside the gorgeous women in his family in the 2017 People's "World's Most Beautiful" issue, Jack told W Magazine: "I have nothing [against] male modeling — it just wasn't for me."

Jack Brinkley-Cook has an appetite for healthy living

With his to-die-for body, which can often be seen fishing and frolicking on the beaches at Montauk, it's clear that Jack Brinkley-Cook has an appetite for good health. But he also has a healthy appetite for good food, telling W Magazine: "I keep it fairly clean, but I eat a ton," sometimes consuming multiple entrees over the course of one meal. Although you wouldn't know it by looking at him, Jack admits to having a sweet tooth as well.


An avid fisherman, Jack says he eats "100 percent" of what he catches" when he's in the Hamptons and also enjoys sampling the local restaurants. Weekends often find him barbecuing with friends on the beach. Jack credits much of what he has learned about food and how to eat well to his mother and sisters, whom he describes as being "super healthy" and who eat vegan and gluten-free meals. "I'm definitely grateful to have their influence when I eat."

Jack Brinkley-Cook leads an active lifestyle

With his admittedly large appetite, it's a good thing that Jack Brinkley-Cook enjoys an active lifestyle. Raised with his sisters in the sand and surf of Bridgehampton, Christie Brinkley's only son developed a deep love for the beach life early on. He lives for adventure, and anything to do with the ocean, two traits he told People he attributes to the quintessential California girl: his supermodel mom. From sailing to swimming, surfing, and wakeboarding, if it means being on the water, Jack is ready to dive in, preferring outdoor activities to hitting the latest gym or boutique fitness craze.


But just because he'd rather sweat it out in the great outdoors doesn't mean that Jack doesn't stay active when the beach is out of reach. When it's inconvenient to head to the Hamptons, he tells W Magazine that he goes to the gym to keep his buff body beach ready.

Jack Brinkley-Cook launched a ride share to the Hamptons

Anyone who's ever tried to escape to the Hamptons for the weekend knows first-hand how stressful that can be. First, there's the backed-up traffic. Then there's the expense. Unless you want to jump on a Jitney, the only other real option is a private car or chopper, neither of which is cheap. Given the frequency with which Jack Brinkley-Cook sets sail for the waters of the Hamptons, it's no surprise that he decided to do something about the transportation options, or lack thereof. In the summer of 2019, he and a friend launched Rove, a ride-share service that delivered riders from pickup points in lower Manhattan or Brooklyn to their Hamptons destinations via a Mercedes sprinter van for just $65-$75.


Jack told WWD that after years of taking all forms of transportation to his favorite home away from home, he wanted to do something to make the commute easier. "One of the main things that we wanted to focus on was the convenience. That, and just creating an upgraded experience," he said. Although it appears that Rove is no longer in service, presumably due to the coronavirus pandemic, what is clear is that Jack has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and sharp business sense. 

He's not a model, but he doesn't mind dating them

He may be averse to becoming a model, but Jack Brinkley-Cook seems to have no problem dating them. Not one to kiss and tell, the handsome young man is tight-lipped about his love life. He most famously dated Victoria's Secret model Nina Agdal for four years. The pair were often seen canoodling on Agdal's Instagram feed before calling it off in 2021.


Most recently, Jack has been linked to Canadian tennis superstar Eugenie (Genie) Bouchard. With her athletic good looks, it's easy to see why the active and outdoor-loving Jack would be attracted. The pair were first spotted together at a beach in Miami in 2022, which started the rumor mills churning. Then they were seen dining out in SoHo in New York City, which kept tongues wagging. Last month, Jack was seen cheering Bouchard on in Madrid at the Mutua Madrid Open, which seemed to solidify the relationship. However, neither party has publicly confirmed — nor denied for that matter.

Sailor Brinkley-Cook is a chip off the block

Of Christie Brinkley's three children, Sailor Brinkley-Cook is thought to be most like her mom. Not only are the two look-alikes with their sunny, blond good looks, but Sailor is also following in her mom's modeling footsteps. The only biological child of Brinkley and Peter Cook, the youngest member of the family made a splash in Sports Illustrated when she posed with her mom and sister in 2017. The following year, she got her own pages in the issue, making her the first second-generation SI swimsuit model. The breathtaking photos featured the golden girl in Aruba looking sun-kissed and spectacular.


Today, Sailor can be seen sporting a milk mustache with other celebrity offspring, including Ella Travolta and Brooklyn Beckham, in the Silk Nextmilk campaign. According to People, the campaign is a spinoff of the original "Got Milk?" campaign that featured famous celebrities, including, you guessed it, Christie Brinkley. Sailor, who says she was raised vegetarian and has been dairy free since the age of 13, told People: "I think those [Got Milk?] ads are so iconic, and bringing that into this new world of being plant-based and having these amazing alternatives is so fun."

Sailor Brinkley-Cook fills her mom's dancing shoes

After an injury took Christie Brinkley out of "Dancing with the Stars" in 2019, it was Sailor Brinkley-Cook to the rescue. Between gliding down runways for top designers and posing for photographers, Sailor found time to put on her dancing shoes and twirl into her mom's role on the popular show. While she and Val Chmerkovskiy performed excellently, even with just a few days to rehearse, Sailor shared with Parade that performing in front of a group was her "deepest anxiety."


"I think it's this panic of doing something active in front of a group of people that aren't also doing it," she explains. "I've done runway, but it just feels different because all you have to do literally is to walk."

Ultimately, Sailor was eliminated from "DWTS." Still, she told People that the experience was a win because it helped her overcome her insecurities and gain confidence. She also praised the rigor of the workouts, saying that pushing herself physically made her feel "like a machine."

Another entrepreneur in the family

Like many people during the coronavirus pandemic, Sailor Brinkley-Cook had a lot of downtime and needed something to do, so she started making candles. Her hobby ignited a creative flame, and a business was born.


Taking a page from her brother Jack's entrepreneurial book (with maybe a sprinkle of Gwyneth Paltrow's vibe) Brinkley-Cook launched her own wellness brand, Sacred + Divine. Not as large scale as "Goop," but with notable similarities, Sacred + Divine combines numerology, spirituality, and self-care with a collection of candles, room sprays, and jewelry. Each item bears a three-digit "angel number," thought to bring a divine message.

As the creative director, Sailor carefully curates a collection of products crafted with what the website describes as "intention and purpose." She told People: "I decided I really wanted to create something that aligned with my passions and my beliefs and something a little bit bigger than just myself."


A good pair of genes

Obviously, there is a significant age difference, but there's no denying that Sailor Brinkley-Cook is a mini-me of her iconic mom, Christie Brinkley. In a recent photo of the young model on her mother's Instagram page, the resemblance was so similar that, according to Parade, it confused a few followers. One fan commented: "Gosh, I thought that first photo was you, Christie."


Given the angle of the photo and the fact that Sailor's long blonde hair obscures part of her face, it's easy to see why she was mistaken for her mom. But even side-by-side, the similarity of Sailor's modeling photos to early shots of Christie is eerie.

Not only do the pair share similar coloring and facial features, but they also share clothing. Sailor told People that her personal style has transformed from what she describes as "edgy" to more "classic" like her mom. "We love a white T-shirt. We love a good pair of jeans," she said.

Like her older sister, Sailor Brinkley-Cook has struggled with body image issues

When you are constantly told you look like one of the world's most famous models, it's hard to imagine feeling anything but amazing! For Sailor Brinkley-Cook, however, that was not the case. In an interview with Good Morning America, she told the viewing audience that she was often teased as a little girl for being what she describes as "a little bit overweight." By the time she was in high school, the aspiring model had developed an eating disorder and body dysmorphia that she successfully hid for a long time — even from her mom.


In 2020, Sailor again spoke out about body image via a post on her Instagram page. She did not mince words as she expressed her frustration over editing tools like filters and Photoshop that perpetuate the myth that women must be "perfect" to be worthy. She shared her struggles and ended with how she has grown to love and appreciate her body, perceived flaws and all, and encouraged her followers to do the same.

Sailor Brinkley-Cook has a 10-step skincare routine

Given her gene pool and the fact that she's only in her 20s, there's a good chance that, yes, Sailor Brinkley-Cook did just "wake up like this." But even though she's got age on her side, she understands the importance of taking good care of her skin. During the pandemic, the model told Us Weekly she used the extra downtime to develop an extensive skincare routine. The nightly ritual keeps Saillor's skin glowing and gorgeous and helps her clear away the stress of the day and wake up feeling fresh.


She begins not by washing her face but by washing her hands to avoid transferring any germs and dirt to her skin. Then she uses a gentle cleanser and a variety of serums based on whether her skin is feeling dry, oily, or somewhere in between. Finally, she ends her routine with moisturizer and lip balm before getting a good night's sleep. Extensive skincare aside, Sailor says she credits a good diet, exercise, laughter, and love for helping her skin look its best. "The more that we tune into ourselves and listen to what we need, we truly will glow from the inside out."

Little is known about Sailor Brinkley-Cook's love life

In what has been her most public relationship, Sailor Brinkley-Cook began dating Ben Sosne in 2019. The pair was caught smooching after a "DWTS" rehearsal, and Sosne was in the audience to cheer his girl on during her performances. Sosne, whose long blonde hair is almost as pretty as Sailor's, spent New Year's Eve with the Brinkley clan as they rang in 2020 with family and friends. Sailor's mom, Christie Brinkley, even shared a photo of the two via Instagram as they danced and kissed their way into a new year.


It's unclear how the couple met, but Sosne is said to be friends with Sailor's older brother, Jack Brinkley-Cook. It's also unclear as to whether or not the two are still an item. Photographers spotted them as they went on a grocery run in the spring of 2020 (via People), but since then, there's been very little, if any, news.