1,000-Lb Sisters' Tammy Slaton Wows In New Photos Amid Her Weight Loss Transformation

"1,000-Lb Sisters" star Tammy Slaton is making strides with her weight loss. The 36-year-old underwent bariatric surgery in 2022. Viewers followed her journey as she worked to shed the pounds before she could qualify for surgery. She began at 717 pounds and was able to make it all the way down to 534 pounds, which allowed her to have the procedure. Since then, Slaton has dropped even more weight and her fans couldn't be more proud.

To show off her impressive slim down, the TLC personality has shared some brand new photos on Instagram, which have left her supporters blown away. On May 22, Slaton posted a series of selfies in a vibrant blue top, showing off her red curls. In the photos, Slaton sports her black-trimmed glasses, which made her bright grayish-brown eyes pop. Her followers swarmed the comment section with praise and well-wishes on her health journey. Though Slaton was still hooked up to her oxygen tube, it appears that her health is on the right track.

Tammy Slaton lost more than 300-lbs after her weight loss surgery

Since undergoing her weight loss surgery, "1,000-Lb Sisters" reality celeb Tammy Slaton has lost a grand total of 300 pounds. The drastic decrease came after she faced years of struggles with her health. Slaton has been open on the series regarding various issues, such as thyroid problems, high blood pressure and a bad gallbladder. She nearly lost her life in 2022 after her lung collapsed, resulting in her needing a trach inserted. Thankfully, by early 2023, Slaton was no longer in need of the breathing tube, a sign that her health was on the mend. She still uses the oxygen following a bout with COVID-19, which led to the discovery of a blood clot in her lung in April 2022.

In a separate set of selfies days prior, Slaton called herself a "diet sodie ambassador," as she jokingly held up a bottle of Diet Coca-Cola. Looking gorgeous in a purple blouse, this set of photos also attracted more than 29,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Fans were concerned after previous photos showed her still using her scooter

In early April, fans expressed concern over photos of Tammy Slaton at a local Kentucky Walmart. In the images obtained exclusively by The U.S. Sun, she was seen riding a motorized scooter. Even worse, Slaton was seen vaping despite still being on oxygen. An eyewitness claimed they saw both Slaton sisters, Amy and Tammy, with carts filled with junk food, including Twinkies and chips, despite both women having weight loss surgery. Many subsequently feared the Slatons weren't abiding by their diets. This is especially concerning for Tammy, given her long list of serious medical conditions.

Nevertheless, the selfies show signs of improvement. Other recent photos from early May show Slaton standing on her own. Even better, she did not have her oxygen in said images. Above all, she appears happier than ever, though her upcoming divorce from Caleb Willingham may challenge her progress after having married at the same rehab center where they met. Hopefully Slaton will continue to lose even more weight and enjoy her healthier lifestyle.