Prince William And Kate Middleton's Adorable Nicknames For Princess Charlotte

Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Wales is the eight-year-old daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Catherine. Being the middle child and only girl, with older brother George and younger brother Louis, it makes sense that she would have her own special place in the hearts of her parents. Royal fans have been fascinated by the royal children since their births, gleefully learning about their favorite Disney movies and speculating as to whether George, now ten years old, might someday grow to be taller than his father. 

Now, we are learning about the nicknames that William and Kate have given their children, and the special names given to Charlotte are particularly sweet. Princess Catherine calls Charlotte Lottie, while William calls her Mignonette. Her nickname from William has a lovely, special meaning for a father to give his daughter, especially for anyone who speaks or understands the French language (via The Mirror).   

What Charlotte's nicknames mean

Kate's nickname for her daughter Charlotte, "Lottie," likely comes from the last syllable of the child's given name, an adorable and familiar way to affectionately shorten a child's name. Meanwhile, William's nickname for Charlotte, "Mignonette," comes from the French language, and means "sweet, cute, small" or "delicate" (via The Mirror). Since language is always evolving and changing, it's worth noting that older definitions of the word also include translation as "gentle" and "kind."

Princess Charlotte has most recently captured the hearts of fans by appearing by her mother's side at the coronation of her grandfather, King Charles III, dressed like a perfect miniature version of the Princess of Wales. Her headpiece, designed by a favorite of Kate's, Jess Collett x Alexander McQueen, matched the headpiece that Kate wore, and throughout the ceremonies and celebrations, Charlotte (Lottie/Mignonette) was photographed smiling joyfully, paying close attention to everything happening around her, and talking with her parents.