All The Best Outfits In Netflix's XO, Kitty

"XO, Kitty" — a spin-off series to Netflix's "To All the Boys" franchise — was released on the streaming platform on May 18, 2023. In just one week, the 10-episode series flew off the charts and has clinched a top spot in Netflix's most watched in the U.S. category every single day since its release. The romantic-comedy drama follows the titular Katherine "Kitty" Song Covey (the younger sister of Lara Jean from "To All the Boys") played by Anna Cathcart. When we first saw her in "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" in 2018, she was an energetic, fun-loving pre-teen, complete with glasses and braces. Fast forward to 2023, she is a junior in high school who has just moved halfway across the world to attend boarding school in Korea.

We saw young Kitty as a matchmaker in the "To All the Boys" films, helping Lara Jean and her crush, Peter Kavinsky, ultimately get together. Now Kitty is on an adventure of her own, balancing the pressures of a tough school, new friends, and love triangles, all while trying to uncover the mysterious past of her mother. The K-drama's ensemble doesn't disappoint with their great chemistry together — and their stellar outfits. From hotel heiress Yuri Han's statement pink pieces to Kitty's effortless looks, the cast rocks an array of unique attire.

Kitty's stunning LBD

There's nothing better than a revenge dress. Princess Diana popularized the iconic look just hours before her then-husband's affair went public in 1994, and it's been making waves in the media ever since. Mariah Carey also took to the world stage to show off a hot black number in 1997, after her split with Tommy Mottola. The look isn't going anywhere, as it's been worn by celebrities and notable figures constantly since its iconic introduction. 

In "XO, Kitty," it's no different — a messy breakup calls for the best of revenge dresses. Shortly after surprising her long-distance boyfriend by traveling halfway across the world and enrolling at the Seoul-based boarding school he attends, (spoiler alert) Kitty Song Covey finds out that he has another girlfriend. Ouch! But she takes the opportunity to dazzle everyone with a killer outfit. This asymmetrical bodycon dress is flattering and stylish, and the waist cutout has a chic edge that makes it unable to be overlooked. When an outfit's entrance is set to Skrxlla's "Walk in Like a Boss," we know it's going straight to the top of the list. You can replicate the look with an Abercrombie & Fitch Cutout Ribbed Black Dress.

Min Ho's hiking outfit

Min Ho, played by Sang Heon Lee, is the quintessential well-dressed bad boy — he's got a skincare routine like nobody's business, only the best fashion, and a warm, caring personality hidden behind all that attitude. When the ensemble goes hiking, Min Ho is, of course, the one who is flaunting the most stylish gear for the occasion, even though he's not exactly prepared for the outdoors. 

Donning a black cashmere sleeveless turtleneck vest underneath a laid-back matching blue jacket and trousers set, Min Ho's outfit is the one we want to replicate for ourselves. The character rocks the style effortlessly, making it look elegant even while trekking through hills and rocks.

We're loving the preppy blue set, and not just for athletic wear. The loose, cotton jacket and matching trousers are perfect for a casual day at home, streetwear, or even a light workout. Although cotton is a great breathable fabric, we don't recommend it for hiking, though — unless it's cold enough that you don't plan on breaking a sweat.

Jina Lim's striped set

Another new character in the franchise, Jina Lim, wears several hats throughout the series. She is a resolute school administrator, devoted mother, loyal wife, and master of pulling strings. In other words, she's an icon. Jina is cool, collected, calculating, and always flawless. When Kitty Song Covey meets Jina for the first time, she makes a comment that Korean skincare is the best, noticing how chic the school principal looks. Jina is a complex, dynamic character as the story progresses, and along the way, we see her fashion choices evolve. But no matter the occasion, they're always on point.

We're loving all of her outfits throughout the 10 episodes, but this one especially catches our eye. In head-to-toe stripes, Jina's pantsuit is anything but boring. We catch a glimpse of her striped blazer set as Jina chats with Kitty in the courtyard, and that's enough to know that the chic workwear is the perfect professional attire for the fashion-minded. You can find the outfit at Banana Republic Factory, fully lined with a peak lapel collar.

Yuri Han's statement pink jacket

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and it's true when it comes to Jina Lim's daughter, Yuri Han. They are both fashion-forward, never missing the chance to be the best-dressed in the room. But as the daughter of two serious career-minded people — a hotel business tycoon, Mr. Han, and a school principal, Ms. Jina Lim — she diverts from the beaten path laid before her. Yuri differs from her parents' professional, often-conservative looks and opts for more creative, avant-garde styles.

Yuri's very first outfit in the show is the perfect example. Before we know anything else about her, we see her unique fashion choices — and they're to die for. Her denim jacket, with interwoven pink knitting on the trims and pockets complete with brass buttons, is one of our favorite everyday looks in the show. It's the perfect blend of timeless and trendy while being in a category all its own. 

Because of its one-of-a-kind nature, you'll have to recreate this outfit with some fabric and a basic denim jacket. The rest of the outfit is pink, which remains her signature color throughout the show. Yuri also dons a pair of cute pink sneakers which you can find at Nordstrom, and her gorgeous Women's Liberation Dangle earrings can be found at Melody Ehsani.

Kitty's black baddie outfit

Kitty Song Covey has a knack for styling her Americanized pieces, so it's no surprise that her everyday outfits look effortlessly chic. As she's outside, she stumbles upon the same tree that appears in an old photo of her mom. She, of course, can't pass up the opportunity to replicate the photo. The tree in the background is pretty, but we're focused on Kitty's bad girl-esque layered look. Her soft blue turtleneck perfectly complements the grungy black leather pants and black tank top. This fit is great for a stroll — as it's being worn in her case — but it's also perfect for a girls' night out or evening event.

You can dress it down with some sneakers or play it up with pumps to make it work for almost any occasion (besides a formal one, obviously). However, we don't recommend wearing it for the duration of a 15-hour flight (yikes), which Kitty would have done if she had followed through with her original plan to, literally, turn the plane around and leave Korea after one whole day.

To style this outfit for yourself, look no further than Lord & Taylor, which carries the black faux leather pants seen in the episode. Pair them with your favorite black cami and a light blue cropped turtleneck, and you're set. Although not included in Kitty's ensemble, it would be a great idea to accessorize this casual outfit with some jewelry or cute headpieces.

Min Ho's grand entrance

From the very first time we saw him strutting through the airport in a full suit, we knew that Min Ho would be one of the frontrunners of the series when it comes to all things style. Just like Jina Lim, Min Ho's sartorial triumphs also progress throughout the show. His outfits only get better (and include more common sense) from here on out, but this is where it all started. Donning a snake-embroidered white collar and black vest underneath his sleek classic black suit, Min Ho is nothing if not sharp. Is it too much for a flight? Absolutely! But underneath the diva-like behavior is a dynamic character who grows on us before we even realize it. 

The button-down is the highlight of the ensemble, made unique by the red and green snakes winding around the collar. When embroidery is done well, we take notice. You can get an exact match of this Gucci top (we expect no less than designer from Min Ho) for yourself.

Yuri Han in pink, again

We are absolutely loving all the pink that Yuri Han rocks in nearly every episode. From hot pinks to pastels, and jewel tones to almost earthy pinks, she can rock the color in every form and function. As the series takes us from the beginning of the school year to the students' winter break, the colder-weather fashions start streaming in. As the K-drama starts to pile up and interweave, Yuri's style never takes a hit. 

We see Yuri's style become more confident in the later episodes — in which this light pink puff-sleeve jacket makes an appearance — and rock pieces that stray slightly from her rebellious persona. Her choices may change, but they never miss. Her pink layers in this scene definitely still give off that it-girl vibe, much like the character wearing them. This jacket appears to be one of a kind, but to style something similar, we suggest the pink jacket from Gap and this fuzzy pink sweater vest