5 Ways To Rock A Ponytail If You Have Short Hair

Chopping your hair off can be such a liberating decision. When you want to make a significant change and are coming from long or medium lengthed locks, a chin lengthed chop is one of the most drastic shifts you can take with your look. And as of late, the micro bob is the super short hair trend that gives you a sleek, sexy look. Unfortunately, once you've done the deed, your options for changing things up become much slimmer than before. Braids? Buns? No can do. A ponytail with several bubbles? You can try, but it won't be without a challenge.

Don't get us wrong; it can be great to let go of the burden of styling your hair. The undone bob is the perfect simple, chill hairstyle for a carefree vibe. But one thing we cannot live without is the option to tie our hair back in a ponytail. For practical reasons and to simply express our style, it's a non-negotiable. Luckily we figured out 5 ways you can still rock a ponytail, or some variation, even if you have short hair.

Old-fashioned pigtails

Whether you're healing your inner child or trying to bring out your inner child with more imagination and fun, we could all benefit from channeling the younger versions of ourselves. Old-fashioned pigtails are a simple way to remind yourself of your youthful spirit and, of course, look good while doing it. And the best part about these high ponytails is that you can grab all those pesky short hairs that might not otherwise make it to the very center of the back of your head.

Sleek low ponytail

Sometimes when you wake up with hair that just can't be tamed, you have no choice but to bring out the hair gel. You can go from bedhead to a business formal do with a sleek low ponytail. After brushing strong, frizz-defying gel through your hair, part your hair down the middle of your forehead. Then, tie your bob at the nape of your neck. The sleek low pony can also come in handy when your hair is dirty or has a mask in: It's a lazy girl hack as old as time.

Up on top

If you're heading to the gym or yoga, the last thing you want is to have your hair in your face. Dripping sweat and hair just do not mix, nor should they. In these casual settings, you have some more freedom to do what it takes to get your locks secured behind your head. Throwing all of your hair right on top of your head is a cute way to do exactly that. This look works particularly well with curly hair.

Half-up pigtails with braids

If you can't decide between hair that is up or down, you can do both. A half-up, high-seated ponytail is a spritely and refreshing look for anyone with short hair. You can gather half of your hair on the crown of your head for more volume (think Ariana Grande circa 2016). Or, you can split the top section of hair into two ponytails for a more playful look (think Y2K Britney Spears). Hailey Bieber followed Miss Spears' lead in this Instagram post. Adding bows to her half-up pigtails, Bieber gave it a touch of schoolgirl aesthetic.

Face framing tresses

Getting the back half of your hair into a hair tie is no problem when you have short hair. The issues arise with the front hair. Reaching those chin-length layers all the way back to your ponytail is usually a stretch. You can always pin these unruly hairs back with a bobby pin if you want them out of your face. But another option is intentionally letting them fall to the front and do their thing. @niamhadkins pinned back the front part of her bob and kept tendrils out for an effortless, put-together vibe.