Princess Diana's Former Butler Makes Explosive Claim About Harry's Future With Meghan

Everyone has their own predictions about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship, but maybe not one as explosive as that of the late Princess Diana's former butler. Paul Burrell worked for Diana for ten years before her untimely demise. He has made it known in the past that he is not "Team Harry and Meghan" and has let loose on the duke and duchess before. 

In 2022, with threats of royal secrets being spilled in Harry and Meghan's impending docuseries, Burrell even called for the couple to lose their royal titles (via The Mirror). He labeled their Netflix documentary as "self-obsessed narcissism" and noted there was a "commercialism about it." Likewise, Harry has had a very shaky relationship with his mother's butler. 

Per the Daily Mail, Burrell's 2001 book, "A Royal Duty," did not leave a good impression on him. Harry labeled it "a tell-all which actually told nothing" and, even worse, the prince claims Burrell wrote it to profit off Diana's death. The former butler's most recent claims about the Sussexes are sure to ruffle some feathers too. It doesn't bode well for their marriage, which Burrell asserts is destined for divorce.

He claims that Harry is finally 'waking up'

Paul Burrell has been very open about his distaste for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's relationship, even going so far as to say Meghan is "brainwashing" her husband. But this latest truth bomb is seriously spicy. According to Burrell, Harry has "woken up to the truth," and his marriage to Meghan will ultimately end in divorce, with Harry returning to Britain without his wife.

In an explosive interview with GB News, the princess' former butler stated that the only reason Harry is "staying in the driver's seat" of his marriage to Meghan is so he'll have a chance to see his children in the future. Burrell clarified that leaving Meghan "prematurely" would mean she keeps Princess Lilibet and Prince Archie — who just recently started using the royal titles of prince and princess — when Harry finally leaves her to return to the United Kingdom. 

This would devastate Harry because he doesn't want his children to suffer from a broken marriage, Burrell said, adding that Princess Diana had gone through it in her own marriage, and it's not something her son wants for his children. "Because of all of that, I think Harry will try to stick with the program for as long as he possibly can," Burrell explained. Ouch. It's a harsh claim to make, but Harry and Meghan have survived divorce rumors before.

Meghan and Harry's supporters pushed back on Burrell's prediction

Despite the boldness of his claims, Paul Burrell assured the GB News host that he's got Prince Harry's best interests at heart. "I've always been worried about Harry," Princess Diana's former butler promised viewers. "I personally don't want to see Harry unhappy again. I've seen too many tears." However, fans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aren't convinced by what they view as empty sentimentalities. 

Some even took to the comments section of GB News' TikTok post to share their feelings about the situation, and they're not going easy on Burrell. "'I know Harry very well'?" one user mocked. "When did he last hang out with him, go to dinner, chat on the phone? 30 years ago? He knew a child." Another simultaneously cast doubt on Burrell's insider knowledge and threw some extra shade by asking, "Was he even at their wedding?" 

In fact, according to Fox News, the former royal staffer was turned away from Harry and Meghan's wedding by their security. At the time, Burrell reportedly told ITV: "She's [Diana] here with me today in this beautiful sunshine on the Long Walk. I'm wearing the links that she gave me — very special links. I'm wearing a tie that she gave me to go to Egypt, and of course a white rose, which is symbolic of Diana."

Burrell isn't the only one who sees divorce in the couple's future

Princess Diana's former butler isn't alone in his take on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's marriage either — the divorce rumors have also been circulated by people who are closer to the duchess's side of the family. Also in an interview with GB News, Meghan's half-sister, Samantha Markle, claimed that the celebrity couple needed "counseling" for their marriage to stay afloat. Her comments were made after witnessing an "awkward" moment when Meghan and Harry were captured on the kiss cam at a Lakers game but refused to smooch for the crowd. 

But is Meghan really the one to blame for the "impending divorce?" Some people certainly believe this to be the case. One report stated that Harry was using a private hotel room to escape Meghan, a claim which has since been denied by a representative for the couple (via the New York Post).  

Let's face it: Everyone has relationship drama, and that drama is usually friends and family members throwing out their unwanted opinions. But when you're part of the royal family, that background chatter can get pretty toxic. While the drama continues to swirl, the Sussexes seem to be holding on tight.