How You Can Style A Strapless Dress For Your Brunch Date

Brunch is a time to look fabulous while downing many mimosas. It is the highlight of countless weekends, but figuring out what to wear for this joyous occasion can be stressful. However, you can lull your fashion woes to sleep. A strapless dress is the perfect solution to your brunch wardrobe troubles. This garb is killer in any season, ready for layers during the colder months and all for the shoulders on display when it's hot. Not having a strapless bra isn't an excuse. An easy hack turns your regular bra into a strapless one.

A popular take on this strapless garment is the tube dress, and it's trending. Chloe Barfet, Poshmark's curation and merchandising expert, told Refinery29, "The [traditional] skin-tight tube dress is still a thing, but we're also seeing more sophisticated adaptations take hold, from the structured and architecturally inspired tube dress to the sleek silk charmeuse black tube dress . . . to the country club-esque crochet-knit tube dress."

Even if skin-tight isn't your go-to, there are flowy gowns that will meet your fancy. Whether maxi, midi, or mini, you can wear your strapless dress comfy or super chic to fit your brunch vibe.

Comfy with lots of accessories

If you're running errands after brunch, it calls for a comfy look. Your strapless dress will play well into a relaxed afternoon out ensemble. You'll want to layer on accessories to pull off this outfit with style. Headwear like jumbo scrunchies, silk scarves, headbands, or barrettes are simple pieces that can bring in pops of color and sparkle. They can transform a messy bun or bed hair into a full-glam hairstyle.

Jewelry is an obvious choice, whether you go for the traditional necklace and earrings or prefer a standout arm cuff and anklet. With a simple dress, you can add a belt or brooch for dimension. However, if the strapless garment already has prints or lots of colors, a matching purse will do.

For footwear, stick to the comfy theme and opt for sandals or sneakers. Platform sandals are ideal for those who love a good heel but want to embrace the elevated yet casual look. Chunky sneakers can balance out a tight dress, while a slim pair like the trending Adidas sneakers are sleek for a flowy one.

A night out look for the early afternoon

While you can't go wrong with semi-casual, some brunch events call for a touch of elegance. It's not time to bring out your a-line gown, but we're fancying up the strapless dress in your closet. This time, you want to keep the accessories simple. Statement pieces are great for adding pizazz with just one item, but don't overdo it. If you're going to wear the giant sparkly hoops, save the layers of necklaces for next weekend.

Matching your accessories is an easy way to add uniformity and cohesion throughout your ensemble. They can be in the same hue, a similar shade, or just have a matching element like gems. Go for classy pieces, like pearls, a clutch, and rings.

Heels are the footwear of choice for a chic dress. They instantly turn your outfit into runway attire, whether kitten heels or stilettos. Wedges are also a go-to for extra height and comfort, especially if you have more plans after brunch.