Naked Disco Eye Makeup Is The Dancing Queen Of 2023 Beauty Trends

Sparkle has always been a funky and stylish addition to a look, from dazzling hair glitter to invisible glitter makeup becoming signature styles, it's clear that we can't get enough of the trend. There's no better way to glow and shimmer than with a statement makeup look that can be effortlessly achieved.

Recently, the disco-themed era has been making rounds on social media, with videos on disco makeup gaining over 8 billion views, showing beauty gurus and influencers putting their unique spin on the fun, glittery look. The latest viral makeup style — naked disco eye makeup is about embracing blending neutral shades with hints of silver glitter that create a stunning dewy, glossy finish. These are the most gleaming naked disco eye makeup styles that you can recreate for any occasion — whether you're going out for a girl's dinner date or a night out on the town, you're guaranteed to have the look of the night.

Disco shimmer

Lean into the shimmer finish by embracing all of the silver tones. This makeup look uses a generous mix of hues of silver to create a futuristic, disco-inspired shine that makes your eyes pop. To recreate this look, start by adding a shimmery white eyeshadow to the corners of your eyes, and a dark brown to the outside edges of your eyes. Then, fill in your eyelid with a shiny silver eyeshadow, and blend the shades together for a natural, sparkly look.

Diamond cat eye

Give yourself a sharp edge with this stunning diamond winged finish. We love how the silver and diamond touches emphasize the eye, and really bring out the sharp shape of the cat eye. For this makeup style, start by adding a neutral base to the eyelids, and then drawing on your cat-eye wing with black liquid liner. Start at the very inner corner of the eye, and then add your small diamond along the edge of the cat eye. To finish off, apply white eyeliner to outline the outer corner of your eyes.

Subtle shimmer

If a subtle look tinged with a chrome-like glam if what you're after, this is the style for you. Rather than adding makeup jewels and glitter, let the silver do the talking with this natural but fancy style. Start by applying a light base to your eyelids, and then apply a light grey or silver to your eyes, all the way up to your eyebrows. For a creative twist, create this open cat-eye effect with black eyeliner, and add a pair of false eyelashes for a romantic, wispy finish.

Hint of blue

Glow in color with this gorgeous sparkly look with a sharp, blue edge. This is the perfect makeup style if you love a pop of color that's subtle, but still catches the eye. To nail this look, apply a primer to your eyelids for a long-lasting look. Then, apply a silver, shimmery eyeshadow onto your lids, and if you want to glam it up, add a few sparkly jewels. Draw on a sharp wing to the outer edge of the top of your eyelid, and add a few smaller edges to the bottom of your lid and the corner of your eyes. 

Chunky jewels

This ultra-glittery look is the perfect makeup style to get you disco ready. All you need is a shimmery base to start on your eyelids to create an even look. Then, add makeup jewels like diamonds, silver stars, dots, and hearts to your eyelids. To achieve this cat eye, flowy appearance, add more jewels as you move upwards toward the edge of your eyebrow. Finish off with a dewy highlighter to top off the look and make your skin glow.

Metallic disco

Nail the look of the night with this unforgettable disco makeup style. For this stunning glistening makeup finish, opt for a metallic silver eyeshadow that shimmers — the shinier, the better. To start, apply a white sparkly eyeshadow to the corner of your eyes, and then apply a dark silver eyeshadow. Swoop the eyeshadow in a straight line to the outer edge of your lids and leave some space between the eyeshadow and your brows for this sleek style.

Butterfly glow

Looking to add a bit of creativity to your makeup style? Show off your artistry skills with this gleaming, sparkly finish. To copy this style, apply a shimmery silver eyeshadow with a light blue tint to it. Then, add a soft white eyeshadow to the top and bottom outer edges of your lids, along with a few jewels. Finally, draw on half of a butterfly's wings to the edge of your eyes on both sides to achieve this fairy-inspired style.