Dazzling Hair Glitter Ideas That You'll Want To Try Out In Real Life

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As we've come to expect from the ever-changing fashion and beauty trend cycles, there are plenty of exciting trends that will completely take over 2023. Makeup artist Marcelo Gutierrez explained to Vogue that the Y2K revival will continue to influence trends the way it has for the past few seasons, saying, "I feel that the way the younger generation is reinterpreting the era is through its colors and textures: metallics, glitter, and an array of pastels you see reflecting off of a CD." 

Between the trending invisible glitter makeup look and all the it-girls wearing hair tinsel, it's really no surprise that adding glitter to your locks is the next big hair trend. Hair glitter fits right in with that popular display of Y2K through textures, and it gives you a whole new way to add glitz to your look. We love a versatile beauty trend, and this definitely fits into that category. From big glitter to small glitter; heavy, concentrated sparkles to glitz sprinkled like fairy dust, there are so many ways to make hair glitter your own. We've got some of our favorite ways to rock the hair glitter trend. 

Simple and subtle

We all know that sometimes less is more, and this can even be the case with something as bold as hair glitter. Trends as eye-catching as this one can be intimidating to try to sport on a regular night out, but this method gives you the ability to work the trend without feeling overwhelmed. 

Whether you want to sprinkle some loose glitter on your locks before your hairspray or apply some spray-on glitter and give your hair a good brush afterward, don't be afraid to slowly wade into the hair sparkle pool with something subtle and simple. 

Glitter ponytail

One quick search of the #glitterponytail hashtag will show you that the glitter ponytail is one of the most popular ways to rock the hair glitter trend as of late – and for very good reason (via Instagram). The shimmery ponytail is the perfect mix of statement-making and not too in-your-face, and there are so many ways to do it. 

Most glitter ponytails feature the sparkles right at the ponytail's base. To get this look, concentrate your glitter spray a bit extra on one chunk of your hair, and wrap that around your ponytail base for a chic look. 

Sunburst bun

If you prefer a tucked-away bun to a loose-hanging ponytail, it's easy to modify the glitzy trend to be more your style. Whether you like a messy top knot, an intricate low bun, or a pinned-up braid, elevate your updo with some sparkle. 

We love the way this hairstyle looks like a burst of sunshine radiating from the hair, and it adds a splash of creative coolness to a look that's easy to execute. Pull your hair into a ponytail and spray concentrated glitter above it before styling your bun to get this effect. 

Sparkling slicked-back bun

The trendy slicked-back bun has been making waves, so pairing this sleek, modern look with glitter is a match made in hair trend heaven. Celebrity stylist Graham Nation advises, "Section off your hairline, about one inch all around your face, and pull your hair back into a ponytail. Then, after, go back and use a light hairspray and a soft boar bristle brush to marry the hairline into the ponytail" (via Coveteur). 

Once your bun is secured, give it an all-over spritz with both your glitter spray and your hairspray for maximum hold and hine. 

Sprayed sparkles

If you want to go simple and evenly-spaced with your sparkles, glitter hairspray is your best bet, and it's something that you can apply at home without the help of a professional. 

Per Makeup, according to hairstylist Adriana Tapia, you should keep the bottle about six inches away from your hair when spraying to give yourself subtle all-over sparkle. She says, "Spraying too close [to your head] will give you a cluster of glitter instead of a nice, all-over effect." She also recommends spraying outside, since getting glitter everywhere is a big no-no.

Sprinkled like fairy dust

There's something so magical about the look of glitter; doesn't it make you want to lean into a fantasy-inspired look? This take on hair glitter reminds us of what it might look like if you had fairy dust sprinkled on your head, and we are all about it. 

The trick here is to make sure that the glitter is more concentrated at the top and becomes sparse as it reaches the bottom. We also think that using shimmers of different sizes really adds to that magical feel. 

Boldly braided

There's something so cool and unexpected about a glittery braid, and we love the funky, unique way that this plait catches the light. Whether you want to sport a French braid, a fishtail, or even box braids, making your hairstyle stand out is all about picking one portion to shimmer and shine and letting the rest remain natural. 

Before you start braiding, take one of the chunks of hair you'll be working with and pack on the sparkles. Then weave it into your braid, and get ready for plenty of compliments to roll in. 

Monochromatic shimmer

Why let the statement stop with the sparkle? While contrast can feel uncommon and cool, a monochrome glitter moment can be just as eye-catching when you have colorful hair. 

Per Byrdie, fine glitter that's the same color as your strands can look dirty or even like dandruff on blondes or brunettes. If you've given your hair a wild dye job, however, a bit of glitter of the same color will make your mane even more magical. We especially love the look of bigger glitter for your glitzy monochrome hair. 

Piecey in pink

Pink glitter is basically a 'Barbiecore' essential, so why not add it to your hair? Trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson told "Good Morning America," "A much-welcomed mood-booster after the last few years, 'Barbiecore' is all about embracing vibrant hues — particularly the doll's signature hot pink — in everyday life... And, with many nostalgic for simpler, sunnier, and more carefree times, it only makes sense that this '80s-inspired, unapologetically pink aesthetic is taking center stage..." 

If you, like many of us, are ready to pay homage to Barbie, Electric Bliss Beauty holographic pink unicorn glitter is the perfect hair accessory. 

Face-framing rhinestones

Hair rhinestones are a different option for making your strands sparkle. From colorful gemstones to pearls, there are tons of different stick-on rhinestones out there that you can add to your look. 

It's easiest to adhere gemstones to a part of your hair that's slicked down to your head, and it'll likely last the longest. We love this middle part with hair tucked tightly behind the ears and decorated with rhinestones. Adding a few on your skin around your hairline is a cute and subtle touch. You can grab these on Amazon for only $10 to get the look. 

Shimmering side part

If you don't fancy yourself a middle part girlie but still want to try the look for yourself, this asymmetrical version is to die for. 

Give yourself a side part, tuck your hair behind your ear on the side where your part is, and give it a good amount of hairspray. Evenly disperse your rhinestones on this side, and coordinate with your accessories and makeup. The pearls in this look add a touch of elegance and manage to make this hairstyle as sophisticated as it is trendy. 

Sparkly part

A sparkly part is a simple and fun way to add some shimmer to your hair, and it works flawlessly with loads of different hairstyles. Per Byrdie, medium-hold gel and some sprinkled glitter can inject a bit of shine into your normal, everyday part. 

If you want to add even more interest, a look like this one with multiple parts and a braid (or maybe a center part between space buns) adds an even funkier vibe to an already bold and edgy way of accessorizing your hair.

Glitzy hairline

The glitzy hairline is kind of like the glitter part trend without the actual part. There's something about this technique that is a bit messier and more effortless than the other styles, making this the perfect look for a night out. 

To get the perfect shiny hairline, give yourself a messy topknot or high ponytail, making sure your hairline is fully exposed. Then, spray away with the glitter color of your choice. Of all the ways to give yourself some face-framing color with your hair, this has to be the sparkliest. 

Colorful contrast

We love a look with major contrast, because it will make your glitter stand out even more, and glitter is all about standing out. If you have a vibrant hair color already, a different, contrasting, or complementary color is sure to look unexpected and eye-catching. 

Otherwise, according to Glowsly, your skin tone can help you choose a vibrant glitter color. If you have a lighter skin tone, try cool colors like blue, green, or purple. For warmer skin tones, opt for yellow, orange, or red, and for dark skin tones, bronze and gold are your best bet. 

Starry strands

Let's face it: if you're ready to try hair glitter, you want to look like a star. So, why not go all the way? 

This hair glitter is a bit more like confetti with its large size and more matte finish, but we love how fun and free it looks and how it leans into the glitz and glam of the hair glitter trend even more with its thematic starry shape. We love the idea of replicating this style with the KARIZMA Holographic Superstar Glitter, because the metallic effect will give you shining star strands. 

All-over metallic

If you want to go all the way and make a major metallic statement with your hair, this lustrous look would make even a superstar feel uniquely special. 

This hairstyle requires lots of product and tons of confidence, but feel free to slick back your hair and pile on the gold or silver glitter. Paired with bold, graphic makeup and a simple yet chic outfit, this hair will be the star of the show no matter where you're going, and you'll fit in with even the coolest of crowds.

Streak of Sparkle

If all-over sheen isn't quite your style, why not go for a streak of sparkle? Per Vogue, big, chunky streaks of color were one of the most popular ways to make a statement with your strands during the original emergence of Y2K styles, and we love the idea of resurrecting this trend with a bit of glitz. 

To try this trend and go all the way with Y2K, grab a colorful clip-in extension like this one, and spray it with some glitter spray. You can easily pop your glitter hair on and off like the perfect accessory. 

Bold blunt ends

Have you gone for the blunt bob trend and are looking for a way to make your modern, geometric cut stand out? Well, boy have we got a jaw dropping solution for you. 

Use a piece of paper or the edge of a comb to block off a border around the blunt edges of your bob and spray with a concentrated amount of glitter. This will make your already angular, stand-out haircut look even bolder. Don't be afraid to try this look even if you have longer hair, as long as your ends are blunt. 

Glitter afro

TikTok creator @bigheadjustice proves that adding some sparkly glitter spray to an afro can make for a gorgeous hairstyle inspired by a shimmering starry sky. 

According to Byrdie, to give your own afro the starry night effect, spray a bit of glitter all over, and then concentrate some extra at the roots to give more dimension. Finishing the look off with jewelry in a matching metallic and glitter on the skin and eyes will make you look like a painted portrait brought to life. 

Coordinating hair accessories

Coordinating your accessories is always the key to a pulled-together look, and matching your accessories to your glitter is such a fun way to achieve a cohesive burst of texture and sheen to your hairstyle. 

Pairing gold hair glitter with a gold hair accessory and jewelry will make you look pretty and put together. You could even use a colorful hair glitter to make another accessory pop. We love the way this look takes advantage of the unique shape of the hair clip by adding extra glitter on the inside.

Sculpted and sparkling

While most looks based around hair glitter have a modern flair, going for a vintage-inspired glittery look can be just as fresh and fashion-forward. 

Makeup artist Erin Parsons created a look with carefully-coiffed finger waves and all-over silver glitter. This technique gives off a sleek, artistic vibe that makes it clear that you're both classic and modern; creative and trendy, and anything but basic. This look pops with Parsons' bold blue graphic liner and would look chic paired with a sleek, all-black outfit. 

Glitter bomb

No one wants to get a glitter bomb in the mail, but we love the look of a glitter bomb on your face. If you're headed for a music festival, a fun outdoor summer party, or a wild night out, this look is a great way to tie in your makeup with your hair glitter and achieve an effortless yet party-ready aesthetic. 

We love the way this look pairs a gold, glitter-adorned messy ponytail with hot pink face glitter to create a bit of chaos and unexpected contrast. 

Matching makeup

If you want something a bit more put-together than the glitter bomb look but still love the idea of coordinating your hair with your face, why not try some "Euphoria"-inspired glittery eye makeup with your hair shimmers? 

This look pairs colorful, sparkly eye makeup and gemstones with a subtly shiny and slicked-back bun that will have you catching the light no matter which way you turn. Using this style as a way to incorporate multiple shades of pastel glitter is a great way to shimmer and shine in a unique, spring-ready color palette. 

Braided bun

This look is kind of like the combination of the glitter braid and the glitter bun, but it's done in the most elegant way possible. This hairstyle is fit for a Disney princess while also being easy to achieve. 

Per Missy Sue, start a simple French braid until you get to the base of where your hair meets your scalp. Secure it with a clear elastic and then create a bun. Then, you can paint on glitter at the base of the bun and follow a few strands up to your hairline. 

Studded middle part

We all know that parting our hair right down the middle has been the trend over the past few years. At the same time, per British Vogue, glitter roots have been an all-the-rage festival look and one of the most popular ways to rock glitter hair. 

We love this new twist on the trend almost as much as we love how easy it is to apply. Stick some big gemstones right onto your middle part, and you'll look like a million carats.