Mitch Glew: 9 Things You Should Know About The Fix My Flip Contractor

Back in 2021, HGTV previewed a new series built around Page Turner, "Fix My Flip." Turner, previously known for the network's "Flip or Flop Nashville," had relocated to her hometown of Los Angeles, a move that formed the basis of the show. In the new California-set series, Turner put up her own money to go into business with wannabe flippers who'd become overwhelmed by the process in order to turn these seemingly doomed projects around. "I'm going to invest my time, money, and expertise to show them how to do it right so that they stop losing money," Turner said in the HGTV press release announcing the show.

As viewers quickly realized, Turner wasn't doing it all on her own. In each project undertaken, she's relied heavily on contractor Mitch Glew. Glew, in fact, has building in his blood; according to his HGTV bio, he was born in Australia, where his family ran an upscale construction and development company.

Viewers saw even more of Glew when he returned in the show's second season, which made its debut in May 2023. But how much do viewers really know about the talented builder who works alongside Turner to transform both homes and lives? To find out more, keep reading for a deep dive into Mitch Glew and things you should know about the "Fix My Flip" contractor.

He doesn't just play a contractor on TV

Viewers who watch HGTV's various shows may wonder how much of the work is actually done by the personalities on-screen, versus an off-camera crew working feverishly behind the scenes in order to make it all happen. In the case of "Fix My Flip," however, Mitch Glew has proven to be the real deal. After immigrating to the U.S. from Australia, he and his wife, Danielle, launched Glew Build, situated in Redondo Beach, California.

Glew Build offers clients both general contracting and interior design services, with Mitch handling the former and Danielle the latter. As the company website points out, the Glews take a "curated approach" to their projects, offering clients as much or as little participation in the process as they're comfortable with. One of Glew Build's specialties is its Real Estate Rehab Process, which offers home-improvement services with an eye toward maximizing the value added to a property in order to fetch a higher price on the real estate market. 

The Glew Build website also boasts a section devoted to his HGTV work, in addition to an extensive array of photos from previous projects the company has undertaken. In some cases, the photos are accompanied by testimonials from clients, who are happy to share their appreciation. "If you are contemplating a home remodel, Glew Build should be at the top of your list," said one satisfied customer (via Glew Build).

Mitch Glew works closely with his wife

When it comes to the work of Glew Build, Mitch Glew isn't doing it all on his own. Also onboard is his wife, Danielle Glew, who takes care of the interior design aspects of their renovation projects. According to the company website, Danielle's background is in real estate. As part of a team that was ranked as one of the nation's top producers, with $150 million in sales, she has more than 1,000 real estate deals under her belt. This, the site points out, gives her an unparalleled level of experience in determining how to bring about the biggest return on investment within any budget.

Interviewed by VoyageLA, Danielle explained why she shifted her focus from selling homes to designing them. "After 10 years running a real estate company, I felt like I had hit a ceiling of achievement, and I was ready for a change," she explained. As a result, she decided to stop working for others and instead unleash her entrepreneurial spirit by focusing all of her efforts on Glew Build's clients. 

That decision has resulted in a journey that's brought the couple professional success and, particularly for Danielle, a level of pride and accomplishment unlike anything she'd experienced as a real estate agent. "Helping clients improve and beautify their home, and as a result, watching buyers fall in love with it because of the way it made them feel — made me light up!" she said. 

His company is active on social media

In addition to the information available on the company website, Glew Build has a robust presence on social media. The company's Instagram, for example, features photos of the company's various projects. One of these Instagram posts described the redesigned foyer of a home that the company had completed for a client, with the caption sharing the company's philosophy about the importance of a domicile's entrance. "Your home's entry is like reading the inside of a book jacket cover," the caption read, noting the foyer should both preview and represent what a visitor will find inside the home upon entering.

Other projects highlighted include a sleek redesigned kitchen, an opulent bathroom with free-standing soaker tub, and a comfy family room with a fireplace. 

Not surprisingly, the Glew Build Instagram page also devotes a few posts to the luxurious home that he and Page Turner built for the 2023 season of "Rock the Block." "We could not be more proud of team Mitch and Page! This was an incredible experience for all of us at Glew Build and we are grateful to have been a part of it," read the caption for an Instagram post featuring photos of the extravagant home they completed, including such features as a giant outdoor chess board in the backyard.

Juggling Fix My Flip and Rock the Block was no walk in the park

"Fix My Flip" received a huge vote of confidence when Page Turner and Mitch Glew were selected to be one of four teams in the 2023 season of HGTV's competition series "Rock the Block." That confidence was even more evident in the fact that this particular season — the series' fourth — was its most ambitious yet, boasting the biggest budgets the series had seen to that time. 

There was, however, a glitch. Due to an unfortunate bit of timing, production on "Rock the Block" overlapped with the filming of "Fix My Flip," a situation that absolutely contributed to an already stressful situation. "Mitch [and I] were still filming 'Rock the Block' while we were filming 'Fix My Flip,' and I didn't go back, so my whole crew at home was stressed," Turner told House Digest. "I was like, 'Listen, if I come back, I'm going to die because I can't breathe. I'm too stressed.' I had to choose mental health and my physical health, unfortunately, over 'Fix My Flip.'"

As a result, it was up to Glew to pick up the slack, which led him to do double duty on both shows while commuting back and forth from Los Angeles (where "Fix My Flip" is filmed) to the Colorado site of "Rock the Block." "Mitch would go back and film some days, and I'm like, 'FaceTime me,'" said Turner.

He was forced to make a tough decision during Rock the Block

Working on "Rock the Block" and "Fix My Flip" simultaneously, shuttling back and forth between L.A. and Colorado, was understandably not an ideal situation for Mitch Glew. However, he expressed confidence that he and Turner would be able to pull it off. "Working in high-end real estate and construction, we know what people want, so that was a bit of an upper hand coming into the competition," he told of his hopes for "Rock the Block." (Spoiler alert: Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle won.) According to Glew, he and Turner took a very specific approach to the kind of home they wanted to create. "We lived by functionality," Glew added. "Everything we did had to be functional, had to be family-friendly. We took more of a sensible approach to it."

As viewers of "Rock the Block" will certainly recall, there were plenty of bumps in the road that forced Glew and Turner to pivot. Such was the case when it came to the first-floor bathroom. 

As Heavy recounted, Turner was shocked when she arrived at the site and discovered plans for a full bathroom had changed, with Glew now overseeing construction of a half-bathroom. "We just couldn't do the shower. We're out of time ... it's a lot of space to handle," Glew explained during the episode. "Tile, plumbing, and the electrical, we don't have the time to add a full bath."

Page Turner is Mitch Glew's biggest fan

It's no accident that Mitch Glew has been by Page Turner's side, both on HGTV's "Fix My Flip" and again on "Rock the Block." Viewers have watched the dynamic duo utilize their shared expertise in a wide range of renovation projects. 

In an interview with Country Living, Turner revealed that she and Glew became fast friends the moment they began working together. "Mitch is so sweet, what a master builder he is. He's such a humble guy, and he's filled with so much knowledge and experience," she said. "He brings so much real-world perspective and knowledge."

According to Turner, the skill set that Glew brings to the table allowed her to lean heavily on Glew throughout the "Rock the Block" process, which is as challenging as it gets. "That show tested your very reason for living," Turner said. "We had to re-imagine a 5,000-square-foot house in six weeks with not a lot of money." She added that she and Glew remained on the site together for numerous hours after cameras stopped filming. "It was really, really hard," she said.

The custom home Mitch Glew and Page Turner renovated for Rock the Block hit the market at $3.3 million

While Mitch Glew and Page Turner may not have been the winning team on their season of "Rock the Block," they were nevertheless proud of the custom home they redesigned and renovated. The home is one of four that were renovated on the show, all situated on the same cul-de-sac in Berthoud, Colorado. According to the local Colorado newspaper The Loveland Reporter-Herald, all four homes went on the market — and they are not inexpensive. 

Each of the homes held an initial valuation of $1.9 million, with each team given a $250,000 budget for renovations and improvements. "Rock the Block" winners Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle emerged with a home valued at $2.85 million (which was eventually listed higher). The home renovated by Turner and Glew was ultimately listed at $3.35 million. 

According to Landmark Homes, the Turner-Glew 5,579-square-foot abode includes such luxurious features as Calacatta marble in the newly designed kitchen, a primary bathroom with its own fireplace, and a fitness studio with a rock-climbing wall that connects to the back deck via a glass garage-style door. In addition, the home boasts a custom-designed wine rack, built-in bookshelves and an accompanying library ladder in the living room, and a built-in dog shower situated in the mudroom. 

Mitch Glew's wedding registry still lives online

Mitch Glew and wife Danielle tied the knot on July 12, 2008. In a 2021 Instagram post, the couple celebrated their 13th anniversary. "Lucky 13!" Glew wrote in the caption. "To many more adventures to come."

Interestingly, 15 years after the wedding, the couple's registry remains online. The registry, however, appeared to be entirely devoted to the couple's honeymoon, which apparently took place in Bali. Most of the registry's requests were fulfilled, including the cost of moped rentals so they could do some exploring during their tropical getaway, a day of jet-skiing in Nusa-Dua, a bottle of Champagne (to be enjoyed in bed), and a sunset seafood dinner on the beach at Jimbaran Bay, where they were able to select their own fish and watch as it was cooked right in front of them.

Not every gift request was fulfilled, however. Among those that weren't: the rental costs of beach chairs and an umbrella, dinner for two at a Euro-Asian fusion restaurant, a sunset couple's massage on the beach, and a breakfast for two including eggs and fresh fruit, which the couple pointed out was one of Danielle's favorites. 

He draws inspiration from Australia

Mitch Glew has spent years building his business in the Los Angeles area. However, the Australian hews closely to his Down Under heritage, and visits his homeland each year. Those trips aren't just to catch up with old friends and family, but also have a purpose related to Glew Build. 

"Mitch and Danielle continue a creative partnership with their counterpart, Glew Build Australia, traveling annually to Australia and the South Pacific to gain inspiration from international design concepts and Australian building materials," notes the Glew Build company website.

Danielle opened up about the importance of her husband's connection to his Aussie roots when she was interviewed by VoyageLA. As she revealed, their own lives are remarkably in tune with those of Glew's folks. "His parents are also a husband and wife, builder/design team in Australia," she said, "so their influence on our life and business has been paramount."

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