What It Was Really Like Behind The Scenes Of Rock The Block

Last week, we watched how our favorite HGTV stars started off season 2 of Rock the Block. Many of us from home could even feel the stress they were experiencing. While all of these designers are used to planning out their own places and spaces, putting together a three-story house in only six short weeks is a unique experience we hope we never have to do. The stress didn't end when the cameras shut off either. Behind-the-scenes, "it was really raw, and it was a lot of emotions, and it was a lot of real anger and stress," Alison Victoria admitted during a recent press event attended by The List.

Even so, the show wasn't all hassle and heartache. There were a lot of amazing things that happened when the cameras weren't filming, too. From crazy pranks being pulled to Ty Pennington's puns, there seems to be quite a bit we won't be able to see on this season's Rock the Block.

There was a lot of fun going on between Rock the Block teams off camera

While Rock the Block is a competitive television show, it's not all seriousness behind-the-scenes. Apparently, Alison Victoria played some pretty crazy pranks especially on Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Though contestants weren't able to enter the other competitors' houses, Victoria "decided to put something in some place that we would find," Berkus briefly explained during the press event. He wouldn't share many more details than that, and, unfortunately, there weren't any cameras there to capture it.

Pranks weren't the only fun the designers were having off set, either. After a long workday, the intensity of the upcoming day wasn't enough to get one designer duo down. Sitting on the back porch of their property before the big reveal, Berkus and Brent enjoyed some drinks with their entire crew. "In all fairness, there was a margarita night, every night," Brent admitted.

Renovating houses strengthened relationships on Rock the Block

Perhaps the best part of starring in Rock the Block was being around other amazing designers. Through all the sweat, tears, and interior design, these HGTV stars not only competed against each other, but they grew close over the course of six short weeks. "My favorite part behind-the-scenes was just the camaraderie that we have when the cameras weren't there," David Bromstad said during the press event.

On the final day of filming, Bromstad was in tears. It wasn't because of who was crowned the winner of the show, but because he knew he wouldn't get to spend as much time with his other HGTV co-stars anymore. "The designs, the everything were great, but getting to know these amazing people, that was epic," Bromstad said. "Priceless."

Instead of driving them apart, as it seems a competition should, the stress seemed to make the cast's bond grow even stronger. "There were so many people working so many hours, so hard," host Ty Pennington said. "And the fact that everyone showed up with a smile on their faces every day, it was incredible."

HGTV's fiercest home renovation duos face off during the hit competition series Rock the Block on HGTV every Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT. It's also available to stream on discovery+.