Julia Louis-Dreyfus Accidentally Cursed At Elmo In A Deleted Sesame Street Scene

"Sesame Street" has been a mainstay of children's programming on PBS for over 50 years. The show has also had dozens upon dozens of A-list guests in its five decades on the air. The groundbreaking show has hosted names like Katy Perry, One Direction, Jamie Foxx, John Legend, and Michelle Obama. Each guest has gotten to participate in the show's music and positive messaging.

Sitcom Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus is revered for shows like "Seinfeld" and "Veep" along with films like "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" and "Enough Said." These roles have earned her multiple Emmys, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and more. However, even the most seasoned actors are not immune from the occasional blooper. Additionally, many of her shows and films are not as family-friendly as "Sesame Street." Maybe old habits died hard when Louis-Dreyfus appeared on "Sesame Street" in 1994. Thankfully, those at "Sesame Street" have a sense of humor and thorough editors.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus messed up a line while on Sesame Street

Though Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a guest star on "Sesame Street" back in the 1990s, a clip of her not-safe-for Sesame-Street blooper did not begin making its rounds on the internet until decades later. In the clip, Louis-Dreyfus flubs a line and says "s***" out of frustration right in front of muppets Elmo and Zoe. Elmo's puppeteer keeps him in character. Without missing a beat, Elmo exclaims, "She said a bad word! Five dollars!" Louis-Dreyfus jokes that Elmo's swear jar will make him "a rich muppet at the end of this day."

Louis-Dreyfus was born in New York City and has spent quite a bit of time there growing up and throughout her show business career. "Seinfeld" famously takes place there as well. Perhaps a Times Square Elmo would not have demanded money in his swear jar upon hearing an expletive. However, even the real Oscar the Grouch probably would have gotten a kick out of her blooper.

Jimmy Kimmel showed the clip when Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a guest on his talk show

Luckily, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is not the only celebrity to have a not-so-family-friendly blooper. When Robin Williams appeared alongside Elmo (posted on YouTube), he did some ad-libbing but mentioned Madonna and lingerie before saying, "I'd better go back because we'll never be able to do that!" and leaving Elmo looking bashful. Elmo becomes even more embarrassed when he accidentally calls Williams "Mr. Robins." Louis-Dreyfus's fellow "Saturday Night Live" alum Jimmy Fallon also had a blooper on "Sesame Street" when he almost knocked over a plant on set.

Louis-Dreyfus owned up to her now-viral "Sesame Street" outtake on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in 2023. Kimmel made Louis-Dreyfus nervous when he introduced the clip by saying. "It seems like it should not have been uploaded to the internet" before revealing the clip as the blooper from "Sesame Street." Kimmel states, "You did something that I think many would find unthinkable, which is you cursed in front of Elmo." To this, Louis-Dreyfus shamelessly exclaims, "I did!"