3 French Mani Ideas That Are Perfect For Pride Month

Whether you're going to a celebratory parade or wearing your pride on the daily, Pride Month is the perfect time to experiment with proud and colorful nail designs. While we love confetti-inspired and tie-dyed-filled designs, nail enthusiasts can also infuse the classic French manicure with all the fun vibes associated with this LGBTQIA+ celebration.

If you're unfamiliar, a French manicure is a traditional nail design that emulates the natural composition of a nail, starting with a pale pink or nude base color and adding white tips to the ends. While this classic look remains popular, manicurists have been constantly evolving the design over the years, birthing trends like the DIY invisible French and the remixed glass French.

For Pride Month, you can similarly put your own spin on this beloved design by incorporating rainbow or flag-themed colors. If you're looking for some specific inspiration, we have three French mani ideas that are perfect for this month-long holiday.

Brightly-colored French tips

The easiest way to imbue the French manicure with a healthy dose of pride is by switching out the classic white tips for more brightly-toned colors. Obviously, the ROYGBIV color palette is a great contender for such a look, with the Instagram post from @bahnannanails showcasing how fun a rainbow French manicure can be.

However, you don't have to stick to rainbows when selecting your celebratory mani, as the posts from @thegossipnailbar and @izar.gel.nails show how you can rock these brightly-colored French tips in other pride flag colors.

Arching rainbow tips

Of course, if you're wanting to embrace the rainbow symbol of the LGBTQIA+ community, then you can fully replace your white tips with these arched motifs. A fun example of this comes from @meraki_nails_cardiff, who styles a pastel-toned rainbow on almond-shaped nails.

While we love how well the rainbow fits onto these arch-shaped nails, the TikTok from @semila_uk shows how an angled French tip can work really well for this design, too. Lastly, if you're wanting to incorporate more Pride flags into your look, we're huge fans of this set from @_nailsbylily.

Colorful micro Frenchies

For those looking for something a little more subtle for their Pride Month manicure, a micro French tip is a great option. This rendition simply features smaller tips than the classic French mani, following along closely to the edge of the nail. The look from @gelsbygurj is a great example of a Pride version of the micro French tips, showcasing pastel rainbow colors on short, rounded nails.

If you're looking for more inspiration, we're also big fans of the nail looks from @gemmafernandezbeautystudio and @msdaliapatron. Otherwise, we recommend trying out this style of French tips with your personal Pride flag.