Living Single Star Kim Coles Pops Up In Surprise Role On Days Of Our Lives

In the aftermath of the chaos caused by Colin Bedford (Jasper Newman) on "Days of Our Lives," things are taking an unexpected turn. After plummeting from a building in his attempt to kill Paulina Price (Jackée Harry), the villain landed in the hospital and is in police custody. Because he had struck Abe Carver (James Reynolds) over the head, the mayor also ended up in the hospital and had to have brain surgery.

When Abe eventually woke up, Chanel was there by his bedside. He seemed to have no recollection of anything, not even his wife after a desperate Chanel showed him a photo of his and Paulina's wedding and reminded him of their whirlwind romance. Chanel ran off to find her mother and tell her about Abe's amnesia, and a nurse came in afterward to tend to him. A confused Abe thought she was Paulina, which the nurse didn't deny before telling him they had to leave quickly as the man who assaulted him was in the building.

As she wheeled him to the elevator, she whispered "Don't you worry, my sweet Abraham. You're safe with me now," as a very slight sound of a cuckoo clock chiming could be heard in the background music. This indicates that Abe may be in a world of trouble.

Nurse Whitley's plan seems terrifying

"Days of Our Lives" fans were in for a treat when actress Kim Coles appeared as Nurse Whitley. Coles got her start on the hit series "In Living Color" in 1990, a sketch comedy series that had rising stars such as Keenen Ivory Wayans, Damon Wayans, and Jim Carey, just to name a few. For five years, Coles also starred alongside Queen Latifah in the hit series, "Living Single." According to Soaps in Depth, "Days" has not revealed how long Cole will be on the show, but speculated that it might be a short stint if Nurse Whitley is kidnapping people.

Considering that the sneaky lawyer, Sloan Petersen, has continued to cause trouble in Salem, and her portrayer Jessica Serfaty cemented her status on the show as a contract player, anything is possible. Colin has managed to escape, knocking out Officer Henshaw (Tate Charles Doppler) who was supposed to transport him to jail. He took the officer's uniform and slipped away, narrowly bumping into his sister, Sloan. This is partly why Nurse Whitley took off with Abe — because Colin might want to finish what he started when he struck him. However, there are also shades of Stephen King's "Misery" looming, which doesn't look good for Salem's beloved mayor.

With Colin on the loose and Abe in the possession of Nurse Whitley, it's anyone's guess as to what happens next!