How Should You Handle Wrinkles In Your Leather?

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The hunt for the perfect leather garment is a difficult one. So when you do find it, you want to guard the article of clothing with your life (well, kind of). 

But leather, like other materials, has a way of getting creased. Perhaps you accidentally threw your leather skirt in a pile of clothing on the ground or someone sat on your jacket while you were at the coffee shop last weekend. If you're impatient about getting the wrinkles out, you may turn to your trusty iron much like with your cotton or linen clothes, and while this is not an absolute no-no, there is a different way to iron out creases when it comes to leather. As Anna Mazur, author of "Handbag Workshop: Design and Sew the Perfect Bag," warned Threads, "When we see wrinkles, the first thing that comes to mind is to add moisture, then iron them out. This is fine for many fabrics, but isn't the best approach for leather. You run the risk of creating water stains and/or discoloring the leather."

So how do you handle the creases? Before ditching your leather pants for good, try some of the following hacks to get the wrinkles out. 

Iron but with caution and on a very low heat setting

Irons do work when it comes to getting wrinkles out of leather but there are a few precautionary steps you have to take before you start ironing. Find a flat surface you can work on first and lay your leather pants out on it. Grab a pillowcase, craft paper, towel, or muslin cloth and place this on top of the leather as a protective layer. If you're hesitant to start working on a very prominent area off the bat, opt to patch test the ironing process on an insignificant part of the clothing first.  

"Set the iron to the lower range of the steam setting but turn off the steam: in other words, a fairly hot, dry iron," explained Mazur to Threads. Once you're ready to iron, go in a circular motion using the tip of the iron and do so in 5-second intervals. "Lift the press cloth and check to see how warm the leather feels. If it feels lukewarm, increase the time to 10 seconds. Don't iron for longer than 10 seconds at a time, as you may damage the leather," she added. 

Ironing leather can feel daunting, especially when you know you have to pay attention to a lot of things, but the method is an effective way to get out wrinkles when done correctly. 

Use the steam in your shower

Steaming works wonders too but we're not talking about your typical fabric steamer. When you go in the bathroom to take a warm shower, simply hang the leather jacket somewhere close enough to the steam but far enough so it doesn't get water on it, inside the bathroom. The steam from the shower will magically handle the wrinkles for you. 10 minutes should do the trick. 

Combining rubbing alcohol with water and spraying the solution from a distance onto your creased leather pants is another way, according to fashion stylist, Christie Moeller. The measurements you'll need are one part rubbing alcohol and one part water. "The alcohol will loosen up the stiff fabric and allow you to smooth out the wrinkles with your hands," Moeller explained.  

Finally, styling your favorite leather blazer might be a less complicated process if you can learn how to avoid wrinkles in the first place. In addition to storing them away from sunlight or any sources of heat, practice the simple habit of draping them on hangers and hanging them in your closet. Leather is meant to be stored hanging down and not compressed. So avoid folding them like you would your other clothes or even throwing them on the floor when you're in a hurry. Taking the time to properly put them away might save you the trouble of worrying about wrinkles the next time you decide to wear them.