How Many Kids Does Chris Christie Have?

Former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie is a man who likes to stay busy. He served two terms as the governor of New Jersey and surprised the world when he announced he would be running for president in 2016. Although he lost that bid to Donald Trump, Christie has remained actively involved in politics, lending his voice to many of our current issues. He's recently been in the news for his vehement refusal to support Trump in the 2024 election. Considering his past endorsements of Trump and his renewed interest in running for president in the 2024 election cycle, it's shaping up to be a very interesting day at the voting booths.

Christie may be most known for his scandal-ridden years as the twice-elected governor of New Jersey and his new plans for becoming POTUS, but, like all politicians, he also has a life going on behind the scenes. When the politician is taking a break from boisterous speeches about the state of the nation, he's making time for the people who matter most to him in life. As a husband and a father, Christie's personal life might be even busier than his work life.

He and his wife waited to have kids

It would be quite a while into their marriage before Chris Christie and his wife Mary Pat Christie would have children. Christie offered a candid glimpse into his marriage in his revealing memoir "American Governor." In his book, he explains why he and his wife waited so long — seven years, to be exact — to have any kids. The newlywed couple decided to pump the brakes on beginning a family due to concerns surrounding their marriage. They just weren't in a stable enough place in their relationship to introduce children to the mix (via The New York Times).

After seven years of waiting and becoming more secure as a couple, Christie and his wife were ready to bring kids into the world. They went on to have two sons and two daughters, for a total of four children. From eldest to youngest, the Christie kids are Andrew, Sarah, Patrick, and Bridget (via MSNBC).

He always makes time for his kids

To Chris Christie and his wife Mary Pat Christie, spending time with their children is of the utmost importance. Due to their busy schedules, family time is a "priority" to the couple, not an afterthought, according to South Jersey Magazine. During an interview with the publication, Mary Pat Christie explained that their "hectic" schedules mean they have to make time for family. "In addition to our Sunday night family dinners, we have family dinner together at least once a week," she said, before adding, "It's one of my favorite moments of the day."

Even though they've grown up in the spotlight, the children of Christie still very much have relatable "growing up" moments like other kids their age. Christie's eldest child Andrew graduated from Princeton University in 2016, but it wasn't a full ride on his parent's wallets upon graduating. Speaking with New Jersey Advance Media, the former governor said, "My oldest child thankfully said the greatest words to me four weeks ago that any parent of a graduating senior can hear: 'I've got a job.'" He went on to explain how his son found an apartment a week after landing a job, completing his journey into the world of adults.