Puppy Pals: Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Ellen's Dogs Are 'Very Good Friends'

Not only do children of Hollywood celebrities often grow to become friends, but so do their dogs. If you ask the pups of two of Hollywood's most famous comediennes, Ellen DeGeneres and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, they seem to be just fine with that. 

Louis-Dreyfus visited "The Ellen Show" for one last time in May 2022 during the final days of "The Ellen DeGeneres" show's 19-year run. The former "Seinfeld" star chatted with DeGeneres about something they share that is special to them — their love for their dogs. As is the case with many celebs who live close to one another, the two discussed how though they are neighbors, they don't run into each other much.

"We're neighbors, we live in the same town, and yet our dogs see each other more than we see each other," said DeGeneres. Louis-Dreyfus chimed in, "With frequency." The talk show host explained, "Our dogs are on the beach together every week."

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' dog George doesn't like when she leaves

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Ellen DeGeneres share more than just a love for animals. They actually have dogs that resemble each other in size and fur color and texture, medium-sized dogs with brown and curly coats. Louis-Dreyfus said of the dogs' ongoing excursions together, "It's incredible, and they're very good friends."

Louis-Dreyfus' dog, George, is a relatively recent addition who came to the family during an unusual time. She said he is a "total pandemic puppy." George was adopted in 2020. "We got him during the pandemic," she explains. "He's very used to us being at home, and he's very attached."

The former "Saturday Night Live” star said that it's great unless she has to go somewhere, and explained how when she was packing for a trip, her pup just sat there and stared at her, looking upset. "He knew what was going on," Louis-Dreyfus recalled. "As soon as I left, he had diarrhea, so it's perfect. He's a dream," she joked and then said "He actually is a dream. I love him to death."

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Ellen's dogs are a big part of their lives

Like many pets whose parents love to post pics of their beloved furry children, George occasionally appears on Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Instagram account. Soon after being adopted, the "Veep" actress posted a pic of George in October 2020, while gearing up for Election Day.

Not one to keep her political beliefs a secret, Louis-Dreyfus has long supported President Joe Biden. She commented on which candidate she believed in during the 2020 presidential campaign. "Our puppy, George (too young to vote but not too young to know who to vote for), patiently waits for November 3," she wrote on Instagram. George had his back to the camera while sporting a blue Biden collar.

Ellen DeGeneres has always shared her home with pets and has been an animal lover since childhood. She grew up rescuing many pets and told Modern Dog Magazine that animals make her home and life joyful. "I cannot imagine not going home to animals," said DeGeneres. "They are the closest thing to God."