Why You Should Add A Lymphatic Drainage Paddle To Your Beauty Routine

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When it comes to beautifying yourself, your mind may immediately hop to a certain makeup look, exfoliating and pampering your skin with serums and oils, and doing an elaborate hairstyle. The real gag is that a lot of beautifying can occur within your skin, too. A lot of people experience puffiness in various regions of the body and don't know what causes it or how to manage it.

If you've spent any time scrolling away on TikTok then you have surely witnessed the gua sha trend that's got everyone in a chokehold. The gua sha is basically a semi-flat, curved tool used to scrape along your face to promote lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness. Now, a similar tool that you can use all over your body is called a lymphatic drainage paddle, and it's got everyone talking.

Lymph nodes are small organs that belong to the immune system. They house the lymphatic fluid or just "lymph" which consists of white blood cells, the cells that fight foreign bodies including bacteria and viruses that cause infections. Lymph nodes can be found all around the body such as around the neck, your armpit region, behind your knees, and your groin. Oftentimes, the lymph accumulates which leads you to have bloated, puffy skin. If you can relate to this, then using a lymphatic drainage paddle might be right up your alley.

Glide the paddle toward your lymph nodes to reduce fluid retention

The lymph vessels collect excess fluid from your tissues and act as a filter. The vessels empty into the lymphatic ducts, which in turn, empty out into blood vessels. According to celebrity massage therapist Flavia Lanini who spoke to Byrdie, this fluid retention can make your body and face look swollen and puffy. The work of the lymphatic drainage paddle is to encourage lymph to drain back into the blood vessels for disposal, thus reducing the level of puffiness around your body. The paddle has a lot of curves to fit all around your body and you can find inexpensive ones on Amazon.

To drain your lymph with the paddle, you'll need the paddle, of course, and some body oil. The best oils for lymphatic drainage are lightweight natural oil like coconut or jojoba with some lemon or grapefruit essential oil. The oil will serve as a lubricant, so you'll have to apply it generously over the areas you want to drain. Then, using the paddle, scrape over your skin gently but firmly. If you bruise easily, ease up on the pressure of the paddle. Your goal is to go all over your skin — arms, groin, and all — while moving toward your lymph nodes. It's crucial that you locate your lymph nodes prior to this exercise, so if that means cracking open your old anatomy textbook from the 11th grade, then so be it.

The benefits that come with using a lymphatic drainage paddle

If you're still skeptical about incorporating the lymphatic drainage paddle into your beauty routine, then you have to consider all the benefits that come with it. Aside from reducing the puffiness beneath your skin, this process helps sculpt your features in turn. That means that it's possible that lymphatic drainage could get rid of your double chin. Your features will be more defined after running the paddle over it.

Per Flavia Lanini, the effect of the drainage paddle against your skin will also encourage better circulation within your system. That means distributing more nutrients to more parts of your body. Your body will definitely function better and thank you for it. Moreover, lymphatic drainage helps to reduce inflammation for people who have certain autoimmune disorders like lupus.

Another great reason to try out this technique is that it could decrease your susceptibility to illnesses. Your lymphatic system is a drainage system that flushes toxins out of your body. When you speed up that process, you reduce your chances of getting sick, boosting your immunity.