How A Lymphatic Massage Can Get Rid Of Your Double Chin

One of the most common physical attributes that people feel self-conscious about is that pesky double chin. So many people don't even know where it stems from and why they have it, which can make it even more challenging to avoid. According to Heathline, a double chin — also known as submental fat — occurs when a layer of fat forms below your chin, giving the illusion of having more than one chin. While double chins are often linked to weight gain, this is not always the case and you might have a double chin even if you're not overweight. A lot of people also experience a double chin simply because of genetics or loose skin. But if you're feeling unconfident about this, don't worry — you're definitely not alone. While there are different options for getting rid of this excess fat, such as exercise, healthy eating, or even surgeries and face lifts, as it turns out, there could be a much easier way to lose that double chin.

If you use TikTok, then you've probably seen loads of people talking about the notion of lymphatic draining and how they claim it's totally transformed their faces and given them an impossibly snatched face (via HelloGiggles). But what is it, and how does it work?

What is a lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage — which most often takes the form of a massage — is a form of gentle massage that helps move the lymph fluids around the body, which ultimately helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues via the lymphatic system (via Medical News Today). It's similar to a standard facial, but focuses on different elements of the face that specifically encourage lymphatic drainage. While you can certainly pay to have a professional do the massage for you, this isn't always the most cost or time efficient option. Luckily, lymphatic massages are quite easy to do on yourself, and you might even find that you prefer doing them on yourself. 

According to celebrity facialist and Time Bomb Skincare founder Emma Brown, "Facial massage techniques are a great way to relieve tension in the jaw, tone and lift the muscles and aid lymphatic drainage so your skin appears lifted and your double chin less pronounced," per Good to Know. By the end of your massage, if you've done it correctly, your face should look visibly less puffy, especially if you do the massage in the morning when your face is at its puffiest.

This process will heed the best results

The key to an excellent DIY lymphatic facial is to start off with the right products, and StyleCraze suggested starting off with a facial oil. Depending on your skin type, however, you might need a specific kind with ingredients that have been deemed ideal for your skin type. Those of you with dry skin opt for almond, marula, or argan oils; for oily skin, jojoba or grapeseed oil are ideal; rosehip seed oil is a tried and true option for acne-prone skin; and finally, for our sensitive-skin readers, opt for aloe vera or moringa oils.

Once you've got your carefully selected oil on your face, then it's time for the massage. "The key concept is to massage upward, as it reduces swelling," said dermatologist and eponymous skincare brand founder, Dr. Dennis Gross. Furthermore, make sure to use circular motions with your facial, as this will increase blood circulation and drain toxins. This won't only minimize that double chin, but it will also reduce excess fluids in your face, making your facial structure more defined and less puffy (via Martha Stewart).

Proceed down the face, making sure to address the jaw line, cheekbones, chin, and neck. While you should always be gentle with your face, Haven Spa aesthetician Stalina Glot said that you can use your knuckles in the bonier areas of your face, massaging with a "scooping" motion, per Martha Stewart. You can also use a gua sha instead of your hands if you prefer. Repeat this move five times on each side for best results.

In the end, the whole process shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, and you're gonna be so glad you did it.