The 'Reverse Money Piece' Is The Low Key Color Technique To Add Dimension To Your Hair

Even if you don't know its given name, you've probably seen a money piece. Almost every celeb has rocked this trend at some point in their career, with a lighter highlight on either side of their face. The lightened pieces along the hairline contrast with the darker shade of the rest of the hair. Thus, the money piece is the perfect way to frame your face and accentuate your features — no makeup required.

We love the instant brightening and enhancing a trendy money piece can provide, but there are plenty of other benefits to this style too. The color technique is a great way to try going lighter before you commit fully. Likewise, the money piece doesn't have to be only blonde either. You can experiment with other colors too. 

One emerging style does just that. This hot new trend is called the "reverse money piece," and it's the OG style's laidback, straight-out-of-the-'90s cousin we've been waiting for.

What is a reverse money piece?

As you may have guessed, the reverse money piece is the opposite of the original look. The face-framing pieces along the crown are colored darker than the rest of the hair. You still get the attention-drawing contrast that maximizes your facial features but with one major advantage; less maintenance. One of the drawbacks of a money piece is that keeping your forward-facing highlights from looking grown out requires regular trips to the salon. 

This also typically involves using harsh chemicals on your hair. Because a reverse money piece's darker shade is likely closer to your natural hair color, it won't need as much upkeep, saving you time and money. Colorist for Madison Reed, Shvonne Perkins, stated: "With its thick, bold placement, the reverse money piece features the darker part of the hair framing the face for a low maintenance and regrowth friendly style," (via New Beauty).

Similarly, it's an easier way to add dimension to all-over color without sitting (or paying) for hours' worth of highlights. Basically, it's the Cliff Notes version of balayage that leaves you with instant depth and emphasis on your features. Ironic when you consider that the money piece is so-called because it's supposed to show off all the money you dropped on getting your fabulous highlights (we won't tell if you won't). 

The reverse money piece is all about versatility

Just like a typical money piece, don't feel boxed in by having to choose a darker color in the brunette family. The low-maintenance reverse money piece can easily be attention-grabbing if you're in the mood to experiment more. Consider a bold violet or maybe a moody blue if you want to customize your lowlight to really stand out. In early 2007, Avril Lavigne sported a hot pink money piece in contrast to her champagne blonde locks, proving it's a trend that has stood the test of time. 

Just remember that the more bold, fun, and funky your reverse money piece is, the more you'll need to perform upkeep. There are so many ways to make it work, though, so don't be put off by the time commitment. Spice up your curtain bangs, add a dark streak to your silver tresses, or go super impactful with a reverse-reverse money piece, which is when you add a light streak just behind your hairline, effortlessly allowing the color of your natural, face-framing pieces to stand out against the highlight.

Whatever way you style the reverse money piece, whether bold or low-maintenance, it's sure to embrace several emerging trends at once. From no-makeup minimalism and lived-in layers to edgier haircuts such as the octopus cut, we're positive you can seamlessly incorporate a reverse money piece into your look.