The Most Complementary Ways To Do Your Makeup When Wearing Blue

Whether it's cobalt blue, turquoise, teal, baby blue, or navy blue, the color blue will always be in style. It's a classic color that's tranquil and calming, plus it looks great on all skin tones. In general, if you have a cool skin undertone, bright blues such as royal blue and sapphire blues will suit you best. If your skin has a warm undertone, opt for warm tropical blues such as teal. And, if your skin tone is neutral, a pastel blue is the perfect fit.

Now that you know what color blue to wear, it's time to talk about makeup. Knowing what kind of makeup to wear with such a bold color can be tricky. Do you go subtle so the clothes can be the star of the show or can you add more colors without looking like a clown? The truth is, you can do both. It all depends on your personal style, the other accessories you're wearing, and where you're going. 

Make it warm

Creating a warm look on your face is a fabulous way to make your blue outfit shine. Opting for a warm base is best, especially with cooler shades of blue, because it will make you look more natural and approachable. To create a warm base, make sure you wash and exfoliate your face so that it's a fresh clean canvas for your foundation. Choose a foundation that is a tad darker than your skin tone and apply concealer over dark spots. A darker foundation will help your face not only look warmer, but it will also help when taking photographs. A foundation that's too light with a bold blue can wash you out and make you look pasty.

If you're already tan or olive-skinned and clear-skinned, a foundation probably isn't necessary. Instead, swipe over some shimmery mineral powder and you're ready to add some shadow and mascara, or forgo them and keep a totally natural look.

Add complementary colors

The bold colorful makeup looks seen in magazines are always stunning, but so many people are nervous about if they can pull it off. The answer is, yes you can. All you need to know is how to apply it and what colors will work well with your outfit. In this case, when dealing with blue clothes, choose complementary colors such as yellow and red-orange. When it comes to lips and shadows, think sunset!

Use these colors together or separately to create a dynamic look on your eyes or lips. The eye-catching look will certainly draw attention, while also complementing the blue, creating a whole look. If you're nervous about trying this out, start small. Add a little blue-colored liner under your eyes or put a little shimmery color on the part of the lid right above your tear duct. The results will be subtle, yet glamorous. 

Try a bold lip

There is nothing better than a classic red lip. Red lipstick goes well with black, white, and of course blue. Plus, red looks great on all skin tones, just like blue does. The trick is to find the perfect red lipstick. If you don't know which red is right for you, the universally flattering red lipsticks are the Sephora Collection in Always Red, Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick in F-bomb, and Maybelline Ruby for Me.

After you find the right shade, you'll have to decide if you want gloss or matte. Matte is a great choice for a high-end sophisticated event, but it can have an aging effect on the appearance of your lips. The shimmer of gloss is a fun look that makes lips look more youthful and supple, perfect for a flirty look. Make sure to tidy up the edges of your lipstick before you head out, and always carry your lipstick with you. You never know when you'll need a touch-up.

Go metallic

Metallics are always a fun way to go when it comes to eye shadows and lipsticks. They are versatile, come in a variety of colors, and you can go as big and bold as you want or stick to a subtle and gentler look. When it comes to pairing metallics with blues, gold and champagne are always good choices. If you want to add a little more color, pink or rose gold also mesh well with blues. 

The trick with metallics is to balance the blue you're wearing. For instance, if you're wearing an icy blue dress, it's best to go with a warmer metallic, and if you're wearing a warmer blue, silver will be your friend. If you're rocking metallic on your eyelids or lips, that should be the centerpiece of your face. You don't want to overdo your makeup when metallic is involved, because it can easily look like too much. All you need is a little shine to be seen.

Blue on blue

Just like denim on denim is a thing, so is blue on blue. There may be some controversy here, but when done right, blue on blue can be extremely chic. Whether it's blue lips or eye shadow, picking a complementary blue is key to selling this daring look. If you're wearing a cold navy blue, try adding some light blue shadow to match while also adding contrast. And if you're wearing a lighter shade such as baby blue, go with a darker color on your lids. This way you match while adding dimension to your look. 

You can even play with a couple of different kinds of blue in your makeup. Lining with a navy blue and pairing it with a pastel blue can add a fun and more intricate look. And, if you choose to do daring blue lips, leave your eyes neutral because that's how to pull off a bold lip