9 Sustainable Swimwear Brands To Wear All Summer

Is it time for you to buy a new swimsuit? If so, you could be facing a stressful decision. A swimsuit is likely one of the tightest and most revealing outfits that you wear in public, and like everything you wear, you'll want to look and feel good in whatever you choose. And there are a number of things to consider, like the best bathing suit for your body type and whether or not the suit can hold up to whatever you're going to put it through. The swimsuit you wear for a day of wanting to see and be seen lounging poolside with a cocktail is likely different than the one you're wearing to spend an active day at the beach playing volleyball and snorkeling.

What may not be at top of your mind as you look for a bathing suit is its impact on the planet. Thinking of things like supply chain, fabric content, or greenhouse gas emissions can add another layer of stress when it comes to buying a swimsuit. So we've helped take away the guesswork, as you can feel good about wearing these swimwear brands since sustainability is a key element for all these companies. Plus the swimsuits are all super cute.

Bromelia swimwear is a woman-owned company

Bromelia is a woman-owned business based out of Los Angeles that makes swimwear that's comfortable, flattering, and good for the planet. As their founder Lauren Quinn told The List, "sustainability begins on a human level. We invest in people, and believe creativity is better spun in collaboration with others." And their sustainability practices extend to their production, in a number of ways, "including ribbed beachwear made from renewable beechwood fibers, a vertically integrated structure completing the entire fabric production process in house — contributing to less greenhouse gas emissions — harvested rainwater is reused throughout the dyeing processes, and reclaimed Eucalyptus wood is collected from reforestation used to heat the boilers, saving 30% on usage."

They've got a range of mix-and-match bikini tops and bottoms along with full coverage and supportive one-pieces. Bromelia also makes beach coverups and sarongs, all designed to make you feel stylish and comfy all summer long.

Kōraru helps support coral reef preservation

Kōraru, which is the Japanese pronunciation of the word "coral," is the opposite of fast fashion. They're proud advocates of slow fashion, which is all about buying high-quality items with an eye toward using them for a long time to help reduce waste. They've got a range of classically styled bikini tops and bottoms and one-pieces in neutrals, so you don't have to worry about having a trendy pattern that will feel out of style by next year. And if/when you get tired of your suit, you can send it back to them instead of throwing it away.

The suits are made from Econyl fiber, which is a regenerated nylon made from things like fishing nets, flooring, and industrial plastic waste that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill. They also skip using plastic in their packaging. The suits are wrapped in recyclable material that's sustainably sourced, and the shipping boxes are lined with material made from upcycled algae. For each swimsuit set sold, they donate $5 to the Coral Reef Alliance, which is helping preserve the world's reefs.

Youswim suits can last your entire life

One of the goals at Youswim is to make swimsuits that can last your entire life, which cuts off the damaging cycle of buying a swimsuit and tossing it each season. And one of the reasons that their suits can last so long is that they're designed to fit you no matter how your weight may fluctuate over time (for the most part — they're currently working on a plus size range but it isn't yet available, per Youswim). That's right — when you buy a swimsuit from Youswim, you don't pick a size. Their super stretchy suits come in one size that they say fit everyone from US size 2 to 14.

They aren't yet able to use recycled materials for the suits themselves considering that their suits are designed to be so supremely stretchy, but it's in process. And they are certified Plastic Neutral with rePurpose Global, where the plastic that is used is offset by supporting initiatives dedicated to reducing plastic pollution. In the case of Youswim, they donate to Project Anant Pranay in India. All of Youswim's packaging is plastic-free and either recyclable or compostable, even down to the hygiene liners.

Summersalt makes swimsuits for every size and shape

The wildly popular Sidestroke swimsuit by Summersalt has been referred to as the "unicorn of swimsuits," according to Travel + Leisure.  And #gosummersalt has over 50 million views on TikTok, with many of the clips focusing on showing love to the brand's swimwear — they also make loungewear, activewear, and pajamas. Summersalt created their suits by using over a million measurements from 10,000 different women, and they have a range of sizes from 0-24, plus a long torso option. Also, the suits are rated SPF 50.

As far as sustainability goes, the swimsuits are made from 78% recycled polyamide aka nylon. The material is strong and thick without feeling bulky, which means they last longer compared to flimsier suits — hello slow fashion! They manufacture their items in factories that are dedicated to sustainable practices for the planet and people, and many have globally recognized certifications in the fields of recycling, supply chain transparency, and labor relations, per Summersalt. And the items ship in packaging made from recycled materials.

You can return your Londre suit to be recycled

Londre is a woman-owned company based out of Vancouver that's all about sustainably making comfortable swimsuits that you'll look good in. The fabric for the swimsuits is made from recycled plastic bottles as well as Chitosante (Chitosante is made from what used to be garbage in the form of crab or shrimp shells), per Londre. And once you're done with your suit, you can send it back to the company to have it safely recycled. They focus on producing as much as they can sell, so there isn't excess waste in terms of production.

Londre's commitment to sustainability extends beyond what their suits are made of. The water used in the factories is recycled, and the workers in their Vancouver factories are treated fairly and paid well. They work with coral restoration foundations to help expand the world's diminishing coral reefs and organizations like The Ocean Clean Up Project, which helps remove plastic from the oceans. And they have participated in additional initiatives like beach clean-ups and tree planting.

BERLOOK uses certified recycled materials

BERLOOK, which opened in 2021, based their name on their ethos: "Biobased materials, Eco-friendly production, Recycled plastics, and LOOK your very best." BERLOOK donates 1% of their profits to Stripe Climate, which is used to help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The factories they use treat the planet and their workers fairly, and the items are shipped in linen bags that can be reused or composted.

The fabric they use in their swimwear is made from recycled polyester and nylon that has a Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification — GRS certification means that the recycled content has been confirmed, harmful chemicals aren't used in production, and there's transparency within the supply chain. The recycled material is blended with spandex, which makes the swimsuits both super-stretchy and long-lasting. They have some unique looks in their collection, including sparkly lurex and velvet. Along with their swimwear, they have a clothing line with dresses, loungewear, and more, all made from sustainable fabrics.

Matteau is working to become 100% carbon neutral

Matteau, a lifestyle brand based out of Australia, makes high-quality clothing and swimwear that they hope you will be able to wear for your entire life, featuring minimalist designs and patterns that transcend trends. Think quiet luxury where you can buy it once and wear it forever. You'll be in good company with Matteau; according to Harper's Bazaar, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a fan. They even have some long sleeve options if you want to maximize your sun protection.

As for their sustainability, Matteau is actively working on becoming a 100% carbon-neutral company, and all their items ship in recyclable packaging, per Planet Terra. They use a range of recycled fabrics for their suits. For their non-patterned swimwear and for their swimwear linings, Matteau uses Repreve recycled nylon — Repreve takes recycled plastic bottles and turns them into textiles. For their crinkle fabric, they use Q-Nova recycled nylon, and for their patterned swimsuits, they use Econyl.

AKHG makes recycled material swimsuits perfect for active women

If you're looking for a swimsuit that's less for lounging by the pool and more for keeping up with your active lifestyle, check out the suits by AKHG. It's a brand under the Duluth Trading Co. umbrella, and they're all about making high-quality gear and clothing for outdoor lovers, including a line of swimwear. Lauren Stark, Duluth Trading Co. Senior Designer, told The List that Duluth Trading Co. as a whole has "continuously strived to reduce our environmental impact as a brand," and that includes the AKHG swimwear. "We aim to give our customers more life from their purchases and, in turn, reduce waste ending up in landfills. Additionally, we are learning new ways to incorporate eco-friendly technology and sustainable materials into our products every season."

AKHG use recycled materials to make their suits, like the nylon in their Lost Lake Long Sleeve One-Piece Swimsuit, which has maximum coverage, making it perfect for a day out paddling. Their Lost Lake Swim Dress is also made from recycled nylon, and it answers the question of what to wear when you want to get in the water but you also want some coverage and need a place to put your phone, thanks to its built-in shorts with pockets.

Outerknown and Seea collaborated for an eco-friendly swimwear line

Kelly Slater, world champion surfer, cofounded Outerknown as a company committed to sustainability, and their goal is to change the way that clothes are made and used. They have supported regenerative organic farming initiatives, they use nearly 100% sustainable and recyclable materials in their clothing, and they've helped keep clothing out of landfills. As Outerknown puts it, "Slow fashion is the only chance this industry has to create a sustainable future for all."

Outerknown has partnered with Seea for a new, exclusive line of swimwear being released in June 2023 that is functional, fashionable, and good for the environment. It will feature a long sleeve suit, a bikini option, and a traditional one-piece, all from recycled material. Seea is a California-based company that makes swimsuits "for female surfers, by female surfers" using recycled fibers. If you manage to wear out your Seea suit or it gets snagged or torn, you can return it to them for repair. And if you decide you don't want the suit anymore, they'll recycle it for you. They are all about small-batch production to help avoid any suits in the landfill.