Try The London Hair Style For An Effortless Look

Have you ever been so tired that you wanted to roll out of bed and go on about your day? There's a certain peace that comes with not having to worry about making sure each strand of hair is in place and just rocking a laid-back style. "London hair" is one such style that gives you the look of not having done too much without giving bedhead.

London hair is an effortless style that thrives off the sensuality of looking messy but still elegantly coiffed. If a hairstyle could be an oxymoron, it would be this look. While it may seem like not much effort is put into it, the irony is that it can be quite tasking to pull off. There's a very thin line between achieving the London hairstyle and looking unkempt and so you have to know where to draw that line if you want to give it a try.

The key is to create a voluminous base

A nod to the '90s disheveled hair trends of British socialites, the London hairstyle typically consists of a messy bun or buns with wisps of hair falling around and framing the face. You can wear it low at the nape of your neck or just a wee bit higher.

TRESemmé U.K. ambassador and celebrity hair stylist Aaron Carlo gave Glamour some insight on how you can perfect this style without looking like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. According to Carlo's technique, a lot of volume and support are required to execute this look properly. He uses a volumizing mousse and heat protectant on the hair first before applying dry shampoo directly to your follicles. This is a simple trick that will add volume to your roots and ultimately provide a solid foundation for the hairstyle. Carlo emphasizes how important it is to add enough product to create height and stability, especially for very fine hair.

TikTok hair influencer @zoey.tobler nailed this look with just one bun; follow her tutorial to get the style for yourself. After setting out wisps in front to cascade over the face, tie your hair back in a ponytail and forms a loop with the top half. Then wrap the bottom half around the loop and secured it at the end to form a mini-ponytail. Divide the mini ponytail and pull the main loop through. Finally, wrap the excess hair around until you get your desired messy level.

The five-minute method is just as effective for the always-in-a-hurry girls

If you want a quicker technique to achieve the London-style updo, then look no further than social media. So many creators are weighing in on their favorite way to finesse the '90s look in just a few minutes and adding their own individual flair to it. @walkwithbrit showed how to get this look in just five minutes.

You can start off by curling your hair so that it falls into soft beach waves. Using your fingers, pull out a couple of wisps in front to frame her face. Tie your hair into a ponytail at the crown of her head and then inverses the ponytail by folding the ponytail into itself. Then fold the ponytail into a bun and hold it with a clip. Brit secures any flyaways with some bobby pins, but you can also leave them out adding to the messy vibe of the look.

The main idea is to make sure your hair looks like it's been done as lackadaisical as possible while still having structure. This means you'll have to leave out strands of hair to accomplish the wispy look. Let your locks fall naturally over your face before sectioning your hair. When you're done creating your look, use your fingers to zhuzh it up. London hair might seem tricky, but the style is attainable once you can find a balance that you fancy. Cheerio!