Add Surrealistic Shoes To Your Wardrobe To Elevate Your Look For Summer

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Not all fashion trends are for everyone. Many prove to be screaming for attention but proven unconventional when it comes to everyday wear. Let's be real, not everyone wants to walk around in high-fashion clothing meant to awe on the runway. Those dynamic cuts, sharp angles, and quirky styles don't blend in so well when you're walking your dog or running outside to grab your mail. So, if your purpose for buying a pair of shoes is purely functional, you can add this to the list of fashion trends that aren't worth the money.

However, there are those fashion lovers out there that would do anything to get the latest runway looks. These are the people who love to stand out and own unique pieces that no one else has. Surrealistic shoes are fantastical works of art that definitely made for this kind of fashionista. Many high-end designers are playing with surrealism more and more. From Panconesi to Tomo Koizumi, surrealistic designs are consistently popping up. These designers are also starting to influence everyday fashion, making it easier to snag a surrealistic look. 

Along with other fashion trends that will completely take over in 2023, such as leather and tassels, if you're interested in this funky trend, you might just want to stock up on some of these beauties before they sell out!

Peep toes

Perfect for summer (and Easter), these pink Katy Perry literal Peep-inspired shoes are vibrant and fun. Katy Perry's shoe collection is all about "shoes that turn heads" and boy, do they! Though attention-grabbing, they aren't too avant-garde for the average person to rock at the beach or around town. These shoes come in both blue and yellow and you can find them at Macy's. Pair them with a colorful dress or a neutral romper and see how many compliments you get. 

The curlie sandal

Another Katy Perry gem, the curler-heeled sandal is available at Nordstrom.  It comes in both white and pink options and both colors are stunning. These sandals are a good entry into the world of surrealistic shoes. Not too bold, but still a bit daring, these sandals are sturdy enough to wear as an everyday style. The curlers are super girly and would be perfect for a day with the girls or a night out at the club. 

Wedding pineapple heels

These pineapple heels scream tropical destination wedding. If you're a bride who's into the latest style trends (no matter how bizarre), these pineapple heels may just be the wedding shoes of your dreams. The white and gold are classy, as are the white criss-cross straps in the front. They're unique enough to "wow" your guests, while also remaining somewhat traditional and elegant. Pair it with some minimalist gold jewelry and a flowy gown, and you'll be ready for the aisle. 

Butterfly heels

Butterflies are a classic symbol of transformation and their seen all over in the late spring and summer. Like fashion, you're always transforming, so why not show that on your feet? These beautiful butterfly heels, available at Eveiist, come in black and blue, like above, as well as black and silver, which has a much more formal look to them. The blue option of this shoe is summery and could be worn with a neutral-colored summer dress that won't overshadow these unique heels. 

Heart cut-out heels

Metallic heels are taking over the fashion scene. Eyed by all the biggest fashionistas, these sassy heels will make you look like you're floating. Surprisingly sturdy, these shoes are perfect for a night out in the city. If you're always chasing after the latest trends, definitely consider putting this pair on your wishlist. Metallic silver looks great on anyone and with anything in your closet, so you won't have a problem finding something to wear with them. 

Ice cream sundae heels

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream sundae heels! These yummy stilettos are trending hard right now. With so many different renditions floating around the fashion scene, it's hard to pick just one for your summer style. Fun and super cute, these heels are a perfect way to add a little childhood nostalgia to your outfit. Paired with a swingy summer dress and some ruby-red lips, you'll instantly be transformed into a 1950s pinup girl. 

Summer vacation heels

These ode-to-Miami peep-toe heels are the ultimate vacation shoe. With beautiful colors and plenty of sparkle, there is no way you won't be noticed. The mix of colors is perfect for a beach destination in the tropics. Wear them out to lunch or go out dancing in them, these heels are bold without being too weird or out there for the average person. Pair it with a white dress and a colorful straw beach bag and you'll be vacation-ready.

Roll the dice heels

Planning a trip to Vegas this summer? Well, then you'll have to grab a pair of these before you go! These Vegas-inspired gambling heels will put you in the mood to explore The Strip. Plus, they're comfy enough to make your way in and out of every casino you come upon. The glitter, dice, chips, and cards are all inspired by the fun atmosphere of Las Vegas, and though it's hot in the summer, it's still a great place to travel to when you have some time off from work.