Metallic Accessories Will Always Shine - Extend The Trend To Your Heels

Each season trends change. What was once hot and chic becomes dull, drab, and outdated. Trendwatching is a science that fashionistas have perfected in order to map out the go-tos for the season, as well as the let-gos to figure out which staple pieces you should have in your closet. Comfortable loose-leg pants, airy mesh sweaters, tank tops, dresses, and mermaid-core (thanks to "The Little Mermaid" live-action film) should be on your trend radar. But, one of the flashiest trends is metallic shoes. 

Throughout the years, metallic shoes have been in and out and the people who love to shine are happy they're making a strong comeback. Metallic heels, especially are jazzing up wardrobes. Although these heels always look gorgeous, they are a bit intimidating for someone who keeps their style simple and modest. But, metallic shoes are the most stylish way to rock the super shiny trend and there are lots of ways to wear them

Pair metallics with neutrals

Rocking a metallic heel might feel a bit daring and disruptive to your mild wardrobe, but there are so many ways to add metallic heels to your outfit without them taking over your whole look. It's important to remember that common metallics such as silver and gold are neutrals, which means they can match whatever is in your closet. Of course, there are some practical go-to looks for metallic heels that are suitable for everyday wear. 

One of the most popular looks is skinny jeans and a white T-shirt. This classic all-American look is the perfect canvas for some metallic heels. It amplifies the style taking it from totally casual to primed and ready for a date or a lunch out with friends. If you're trying to be a bit more dressy, a neutral midi dress (white, black, beige, navy blue, or army green) will balance the metallic heels quite well. Feel free to add silver or gold jewelry to your outfit. Some stud earrings and a simple bracelet won't overshadow the rest of your outfit or throw off the balance between metallic and neutral. 

Pair metallics with metallics

If you're no stranger to shine and your closet is already full of metallic bags, pants, and dresses, then adding some heels will feel right on brand with your style. Pairing metallics with metallics is pretty easy, so don't try to overcomplicate it. You can either pair metallics of the same color or mix and match them for a bold and bright outfit. Colored metallics are definitely in, so if you have some pink or blues hidden away in your closet, consider pairing them with a gold or silver neutral heel. 

Adding a bold metallic color to another such as green metallic shoes and a purple metallic handbag, along with a plain dress will create a dynamic look that you can wear anywhere. Metallic accessories are an excellent way of mixing metallics without going overboard. Head-to-toe metallic is also a trendy look, but it's definitely not an everyday style. Save this one for if you're going to an event or going out with the girls.