Princess Eugenie's Name For New Baby Brought Sarah Ferguson To Tears

As with any family, the birth of a much-anticipated and much-celebrated new baby is a source of immense emotion and excitement, and for Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, the birth of her newest grandchild has certainly proven to be those things. Princess Eugenie, one of the two daughters that Fergie shares with her ex-husband Prince Andrew, has just welcomed her second child into the world. 

Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank have publicly revealed that they have welcomed a healthy baby boy into their family, and they have named him Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank (via The Mirror). We imagine that learning she had once again become a grandmother, or "GG" as her grandchildren call her, was an emotional and joyful moment for Ferguson. But it was upon learning what her daughter and son-in-law had named their new addition that put Fergie right over the edge into happy tears, The Duchess recently revealed. 

Why the baby's name has so much meaning

The royal baby's name, Ernest George Ronnie Brooksbank, was chosen in order to pay tribute in remembrance of multiple family members (via The Mirror). George, the child's second name, is in honor of his father Jack's late father, who was named George. And his third name, Ronnie, was chosen to honor Sarah Ferguson's late father, Major Ronald Ferguson, who passed away in 2003. 

In a recent interview, Fergie said of her grandson's name, "When Jack and Eugenie told me, it was so moving that they had put my dad in there. It was so kind, I thought. It made me cry" (via The Mirror). The very proud grandmother went on to say of baby Earnest, "He's a very, very seriously beautiful little boy. Of course, everybody says that. Of course, he is. Doting granny – doting GG." We have no doubt the new addition to the family will grow to learn how much his "GG" loves him.