Royal Expert Believes Prince Harry Will Be Let Back Into The Royal Fold Under One Condition

It's no secret that there's an ongoing royal rift between Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and others in his family, including King Charles III and William, Prince of Wales. Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex shared their side of the story when it came to their stepping back from royal life in their Netflix docu-series "Harry & Meghan," noting the challenges that they faced, particularly from the press and the unconscious bias in the royal family in regards to Meghan as a woman of color, which were just some of the most surprising revelations from Netflix's "Harry & Meghan." And Harry didn't seem to mince words in his memoir "Spare" when he called out his brother, including mention of an alleged physical altercation they got into over Meghan.

And things don't seem to have gotten better with Harry attending King Charles' coronation solo and leaving for home just about as soon after the big event as he could, with some in the royal family reportedly baffled as to why Harry bothered to come to the coronation at all. 

But Jennie Bond, former BBC royal correspondent, thinks there's one way that Harry would be welcomed back into the family, and it all comes down to Meghan.

Harry will be forgiven by his family if he separates from Meghan

For Jennie Bond, who worked as a royal correspondent with the BBC for 14 years, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, could be happily reunited with his family if he went through what would likely be an unhappy disunion. She told OK! Magazine that if the marriage between Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, "broke down and he came back, I think there is still enough goodwill towards Harry, well, to the old Harry that we all remember." It doesn't sound like Bond believes there's any current chance of reconciliation if Meghan is still in the picture.

Considering how close Harry and Meghan seem, a split doesn't seem to be in the cards. They showcased part of their behind-the-scenes love story in "Harry & Meghan" with details about how they met and fell in love, and public appearances don't seem to show any signs of trouble in their relationship, though we can never know what's going on behind closed doors. 

There's at least one person who thinks the couple could split; Meghan's half-sister Samantha Markle thinks Harry and Meghan are destined for divorce. Whether it takes a marriage breakdown or not for the royal reunification remains to be seen.