Sarah Ferguson Thinks The Late Queen Elizabeth Still Comes Back To Check On Her Corgis

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away, royal fans understandably had a lot of questions. They pondered how certain titles would change and calculated the new order of succession to the throne. Many wondered about the mourning period and what the funeral procession would entail. But the one thing that everybody unanimously wanted to know was what would happen to the queen's most loyal companions, her corgis.

Her Majesty's love for the breed began all the way back in 1944. From the moment she laid her eyes on the pup, the two were inseparable. Author Caroline Perry told Insider that the queen didn't even want to be apart from the dog, Susan, on her honeymoon, so she brought her along. Although Susan sadly passed away 15 years later, her legacy lived on because almost all of the queen's corgis were her descendants.

The queen owned over 30 corgis throughout her lifetime, and they were by her side pretty much at all times. According to Princess Diana, the pups were like "a moving carpet" that followed the queen around (via USA Today). The queen apparently gushed to Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell, that her corgis gave her "unconditional love." At the time of her death, she had two left, Muick and Sandy, who were adopted by Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. However, it seems that the pups can still feel Her Majesty's presence. 

Sarah Ferguson believes the corgis still see the queen around

Queen Elizabeth II's second son, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, adopted her two pooches shortly after Her Majesty's passing. Ferguson opened up about the queen's corgis to E! News, revealing, "I think they are exceptional and they're just very funny." Notably, Fergie also added: "I'm sure when they're chasing the air, I think they're looking at her. That's what I like to think. The squirrels are not in sight but they're still barking at something, so I think it might be her."

Thankfully, the corgis enjoy her company as well. Ferguson elaborated, "She has little hands so when I go pretend I've got the little queen's hands and I put the little biscuit down, they gingerly take it from me. Very polite, well-trained." Despite still feeling their owner's presence, Fergie told BBC Radio 2 that the corgis appear to have stopped mourning the queen because their tails are proudly upright again. 

She added that the pooches are living better than most of us mere mortals since they sleep in their own plush doggie beds, which even boast crowns (via Tatler). Likewise, Prince William informed mourners that the pups were thriving in their new home, noting, "They'll be looked after very well. Spoiled rotten, I'm sure," (via Hello! magazine).

The queen's corgis have always led an exceptionally lavish lifestyle

Given how much the late Queen Elizabeth II adored her furry companions, it's unsurprising that they were especially well looked after. Speaking to Hello! magazine, former royal chef Darren McGrady shared that the royal pups had their own monthly menu. The kitchen staff also had to take several precautions while preparing their food: "The beef would come in, we would cook it, dice it into really fine pieces, and then we did same with the chicken. We'd poach them, and again chop them really, really small to make sure there were no bones so the dogs wouldn't choke."

The corgis were promptly served lunch at two or three o'clock, with Her Majesty handling the feeding herself. Sometimes, the staff treated the dogs to the queen's special gravy recipe, enhanced with her natural medicine recommendations to keep them healthy and thriving, and finished with a biscuit for a little treat. And, since the long-reigning monarch didn't like to be without her pooches for long, they were often spotted entering private jets and vintage cars. 

The corgis even had their own private space at Buckingham Palace. Formal royal footman Steven Kaye described the room to Slingo (via Woman & Home): "It's quite regal — a great big dark wooden glossy door with a gold handle and beautifully polished floor with all these dog beds all over the place."