Can't Decide On A Nail Shape? Squoval Manis Are Here To Bring You The Best Of Both Worlds

Getting a manicure is generally considered a pampering activity. You make yourself comfortable, and another person does all the work for you (hand massage included). It's all sunshine and roses afterward, but the grueling process before the appointment itself is probably one of the most annoying things about getting a new set of nails.

Off the bat, you might need to switch nail techs quite a few times before finding the right one. Once you've nailed that crucial part, you have to figure out what to do with your nails every single time — at least once a month, on average. For the nail minimalists out there, a single color of polish is always a good idea, while the more expressive gravitate toward nail art of some kind.

Regardless of your aesthetic preferences when it comes to nails, you'll have to choose the shape as well. Many factors go into nailing the best nail shape for your fingers, and you might also be a bit indecisive. In the case that you're struggling to choose between popular shapes — like square or oval nails, for example — you're in luck. If you can't decide on a single nail shape, you no longer have to, because squoval manis are here to bring you the best of both worlds.

Easily do a squoval manicure on your own

If you like to wear your nails natural, the squoval manicure is perfect for you as it's easy to achieve on your own without the need for specialized tools. As the name suggests, the squoval nail shape is something between the square and oval shapes, giving you the best of both worlds. You still get the femininity of the square shape, but without the harsh edges that make your nails more prone to breakage. The hint of oval elongates the fingers, making this mani perfect for both short and long nails.

"This is the most popular shape for short or natural nails," celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec shared in a conversation with Byrdie. To achieve the shape, Kandalec advises starting by working your nails into a square shape, but finishing off by softening the edges to get a "softer square."

The best thing about this trendy nail shape might just be how easy it is to maintain, especially if short nails are your thing. All you have to do is keep the edges rounded without going into the oval shape too much, and the rest of the upkeep should go as it would with any other nail shape.

It's the perfect growing-out-your-nails shape

The squoval mani puts a twist on the two classic nail shapes, the square and the oval, and is perfect for your everyday life. Even if you have longer nails in this trendy shape, they're less likely to get caught anywhere because of their soft roundness. Short nail aficionados might enjoy it more, though, as it looks especially good if the nail length is a bit toned down.

Another perk is that the squoval shape can be your perfect "growing out" shape for when you're transitioning your natural nails from short to long. The chic nail shape follows the natural nail bed almost exactly, which is why it won't be so obvious if you're in-between lengths. Cuticle care is key for longer nails, so make sure to focus on keeping them moisturized along with 'squovaling' your nails.

Rock it with your preferred aesthetic, as anything works, but dainty details like thinner French tips or a milky color will elevate the squoval nail shape to the classic it was meant to be. So, next time you can't decide on a shape, opt for the squoval and reap the benefits of both square and oval shapes for the best manicure outcome.