What Kody Brown's Relationship With Sons Gabriel And Garrison Is Like

It's no secret that Kody Brown has had relationship trouble. Although married to four women for decades, the "Sister Wives" star has found himself down to one wife. He also has strained relationships with some of his adult children, in particular, Gabriel and Garrison, two of the six children he shares with Janelle.

It's not the first time Kody has had issues with his kids since they have become adults, and the Covid pandemic has exacerbated problems within Kody Brown's polygamous family. Before his wife Christine left him, she shared that when he refused to travel to their daughter Ysabel's scoliosis surgery, it not only broke her heart, but also their daughter's. Ysabel, who has battled painful treatments for years before making the decision to have surgery said, "I think his priorities are a little screwed up" (via People).

Kody said he couldn't risk the chance of contracting Covid and bringing it home to Robyn's young children. That is also the reason he gave for not seeing Gabe and Garrison for so long, and that has affected their relationship long-term.

How the tension between Kody and sons Gabriel and Garrison began

When the Covid pandemic broke out, Kody made strict family rules that went far beyond CDC guidelines for keeping safe. His reasoning was that since he had to visit all the children and wives regularly, he couldn't chance of getting the virus and infecting his younger children, whom he shares with his now one remaining wife, Robyn,who has been known as the only sister wife Kody has ever loved at first sight. He expected all of his wives and children to follow his rules in their own homes.

However, Gabe chose to see his girlfriend who he said was also self-isolating, and Garrison kept working and seeing friends, all activities that Kody deemed unacceptable. Kody's was not only harsh, but crude.

His stance is that they should have moved out of their mom Janelle's house if they didn't want to follow rules. "It's not that complicated. They went out and found homes when she [Janelle] had to move. Why couldn't they have gone out and found homes so they can keep dating during Covid?" Kody explained on the "Sister Wives: One on One" tell-all, as per Yahoo! Entertainment. "That's what I don't understand, because if one of my little children were to die because somebody had to get his pencil wet, that made me so mad."

Kody and his sons Gabe and Garrison are estranged

Yet his insistence that his sons move out of their home during Covid, which Janelle maintains he had threatened before, prior to Covid, wasn't the only instance that estranged him from his sons. Several of his children are angry over the way he treated their moms, including Gabe and Garrison (via InTouch Weekly). Christine said, "Janelle's kids have been frustrated with Kody for years because of the way he's treated Janelle."

Kody continued to exhibit signs of only caring about himself rather than his children. When he ended up getting Covid, which he ironically caught from Robyn's nanny, he called his son Gabe to ask about what symptoms he had when he had the virus. The intent was to get information, and he completely dismissed the fact that it was Gabe's birthday. Kody called later on when he remembered, but Gabe says that was the last time he talked to his father.

Kody admitted on the tell-all show that he doesn't talk to Gabe and Garrison. "I can't even have conversations with them anymore." He maintains that just wanted to protect his family and apologized to his sons.