Ivanka Trump Seemingly Hints At Where She Stands On Donald's Legal Woes In Tribute After Arraignment

A touching Instagram birthday post from Ivanka Trump may be her way of subtly placing herself on the side of her father while he's dealing with a flurry of criminal charges.

Amidst Donald Trump's ongoing legal woes, there was a reason to celebrate. Per People, the leading GOP candidate turned 77 on Wednesday, June 14, and his family and friends came together during the week to help him mark the occasion. Ivanka took the time to share a "happy birthday" post to her dad where she included photos of herself, her children, and Donald Trump on the golf course, smiling at the camera, as well as older family photos of when she was a child. She captioned the post with: "You are the most incredible father. Your love, energy, and strength inspire me every day. Wishing you a year filled with the happiness you deserve."

Considering Trump's current battles in the courtroom, the caption seemed like a letter of encouragement for her father and a vote of confidence that he will be able to pull through.

This could be a sign of Ivanka's renewed support

On Tuesday, June 13, Donald Trump was arraigned in a federal court for illegally holding classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. The historic case has everyone taking sides and sharing their opinions on the matter, in person and on social media. Even First Lady Jill Biden spoke up about Trump's indictment, and she didn't hold back regarding how she feels about him or the fervent followers who continue to stick by his side.

Many people have been wondering if his daughter Ivanka Trump still counts herself among his most loyal supporters. Despite much criticism, she continued to support her father while he was president. However, Ivanka seemed to take a step back after Trump's presidency ended in order to focus more on her husband and children. Because of this, her position on Trump's arraignment has been a bit of a mystery.

With her latest well wishes, it's clear Ivanka will continue to have her dad's back.