The Dazzle Dry System Is The UV-Free Manicure You Need To Try

Oftentimes, the process of an at-home manicure yields positive results outside of the manicure itself. No matter how your day has gone, sitting down for an hour with a comfy movie or show and emerging with a brand-new mani can be the best mood-boosting activity.

One of the downsides, besides the imperfections, is how manicures don't tend to last for very long. Using a regular polish, your nails probably have a four-day lifespan before they start chipping and growing out. To remedy that, some nail lovers have turned to doing their own gel manicures at home, but even that has its cons.

Gel manicures typically require a UV or LED lamp, which can, in some cases, lead to premature skin aging and even skin cancer. While lamps have a lower risk of causing skin disease than tanning beds, it could be best to stay on the safer side, especially if you love getting gel manis on the regular. With its four-step system, Dazzle Dry is attempting to bring a safe, UV-free gel manicure to the comfort of your home.

What is the Dazzle Dry System?

According to the brand's marketing materials, Dazzle Dry was founded on the principles of promoting both healthy nails and a healthy environment. Using vegan ingredients, it offers gel-like nail polishes that shouldn't damage the nail bed. Its chemical composition is designed to deliver the quality and lifespan of gel manicures, and it boasts a non-yellowing, hypo-allergenic, and cruelty-free formula.

For $72, the Dazzle Dry System Virtual Bundle comes with its priming and strengthening Nail Prep, Base Coat, Top Coat, and Revive treatment that's intended to fix top coats and nail lacquers that have thickened over time. After prepping the nails, customers are instructed to go in with the two coats of the top coat and two coats of the chosen nail lacquer. The nail lacquers, which are sold separately and come in over 150 shades, should air-dry within five minutes. Once it's applied, use the base coat, and voila! You have a gel-like manicure that can last up to two weeks.

Unlike gel manicures, the Dazzle Dry nail lacquers are designed to be easily removed with a non-acetone polish remover. However, the company does sell a gentle acetone lacquer remover made with lemongrass and clove oil.

How to maintain your at-home manicure

To keep your nails from chipping, make sure to apply your polish to the entire nail bed. Adopting the technique of the Brazilian manicure, pushing the cuticle back properly and allowing the polish to get onto a bit of your skin allows you to cover all your bases, preventing your manicure from growing out too quickly.

When applying the polish, use thin, even strokes. While you want to go in with two coats of polish, going in with thin layers prevents a bumpy, uneven finish. Additionally, you want to file down your nails instead of cutting them. Not only does filing give you more even length, but it doesn't give you hard, sharp edges that cause your polish to chip, a factor that comes with using a nail clipper.

Finally, use an oil to keep your cuticles hydrated and avoid soaking your nails in hot water for too long. When possible, use kitchen gloves when doing chores around the house in order to maintain the longevity of your mani.