Add A Touch Of Luxury To Any Look With The Satin Slip Mani Trend

Nails have become a canvas for expressing our personalities, and nail trends have become the new beauty phenomenon. Whatever you want to channel, you can do it with your nails. The newest manicure trend is on the horizon, and it's giving the '90s more than any other. The satin slip dress, a '90s going-out staple, is no longer just a clothing piece. If you've loved the sheen and shine of the garment, you can now rock it on your fingertips with the satin slip mani trend. Add a touch of luxury to any look with the manicure that mimics the look of satin fabric, and feel the glam vibes all day long — until your next nail appointment, that is.

The luxe nail trend comes from this year's Met Gala, and while the controversial gala theme had Twitter up in flames, the satin slip mani trend has everyone talking for all the right reasons. Nail artist Betina Goldstein dubbed the nail look she designed for "Ozark" actress Julia Garner as "satin nails." According to Goldstein's Instagram, the satin look is achieved by "rubbing pearl powder on top of [the] nails." Goldstein notes that for Garner's manicure, she started with a sheer baby pink shade, Le Vernis in Ballerina by Chanel, after which she added the pearl powder on top and sealed the combo with Chanel's Le Gel Top Coat. While the satin slip mani feels luxurious, it's easily done on your own — the best of both worlds!

Au naturel is classic

Whether you're a nail artist in the literal sense of the term and enjoy elaborate designs that use advanced application techniques or you think classic is always a good choice, the trendy satin slip mani can be incorporated into any aesthetic. For a more subtle look, go for a baby pink-colored base to get the most natural-looking results. The pearlescent shine on top will add a focused glow that will catch everyone's eye without being too out there. This soft approach is perfect for those who like their nails done simply but with a twist.

Go for your favorite nail shape

Some manis benefit from certain nail shapes. For example, nail art works best with longer, square-shaped nails because there's more nail space to have fun with. You can, however, rock the satin slip manicure with any nail shape, so don't hesitate to get your favorite one. Counterbalance the dainty feel of the satin manicure with square-shaped nails, or lean into the smooth elegance with the softer contours of the almond and oval nail shapes. If you're unsure which to get, opt for the middle ground with the squoval nail shape to get the best of both worlds.

You favorite color works too

Just because a nail trend is originally marketed in a neutral shade doesn't mean you have to give up colors if you want to try it. The satin manicure trend works great with your favorite color, and while the process is the same, the aftermath is an unexpectedly elevated satin feel you'll love even more. Simply choose your favorite shade (or multiple ones) and make it your base color while sticking to the rest of the steps. Multicolored nails will make for a fun manicure, while a single shade overall will create a more subtle look with an interesting twist to the satin nail trend.

Nail art will elevate the satin slip mani trend

The beauty of the satin effect nail trend is that it works with all colors and nail shapes, as well as nail art. While it is an elegant look overall, you can most definitely add your own twist to the trend with an application technique or design you love. For example, sealing a 3D design with a satin finish will take the vibe of the look to a whole different level with added dimension. Get creative, and don't hesitate to work any element you love into the satin mani for a touch of extra.

Add a touch of chrome

While the satin slip manicure look is reminiscent of the trendy glazed nails that have taken social media by storm, the manicures are different. The distinction between the two is that glazed nails have a chrome finish that gives them an avant-garde high-shine look, whereas satin slip nails have a more toned-down glow that's meant to mimic the texture and movement of a silky fabric. However, that doesn't mean you can't add a touch of chrome to your satin manicure to add some interest to it — just make sure not to go overboard to avoid stepping into the glazed trend.

Muted luxury with a matte finish

A satin-like feel can be achieved with a matte finish too, as satin fabrics have a muted shine that isn't necessarily always glossy. The matte finish will stand out more when paired with a brighter color, but the effect will nevertheless be just as powerful with a more neutral shade. For extra shimmer, generously apply the pearlescent powder before applying the matte finish, which is how you won't lose the satin-like effect even though there isn't much high-gloss shine. The dimmed finish will work well with a stronger nail shape like the square as well as with longer nails.

Give your classic mani a satin twist

No matter which nail trends show up, some people simply love the classics more than anything. If you enjoy your neutral shades, French tips, and milk bath-type manicures, you can still rock them with the satin slip finish. The focused glow will subtly elevate any classic manicure without much effort. Do your favorite manicure as you usually would, and add the pearlescent powder on top before sealing the look off with a top coat. If you don't want all that much shine, make sure to use less powder for just a hint of satin luxury.

Nail gems always work

Nail gems are an easy way to embellish your manicure, and they work like a charm with the satin slip nail trend. There are no rules here, so feel free to express yourself. For example, you could color-coordinate your base shade with the color of the gems for a monochromatic look. Add the shimmery finish as you please and utilize it to create a theme. A stellar concept would work beautifully here, as presented by nail artist Stephanie Stone on actor Debby Ryan's hands. For a retro-futuristic feel, create a color block by pairing contrasting colors like yellow and purple.

Bridal nails with a silky finish

Adding a silky finish to a classic nail look is an unexpected way to spruce up your wedding manicure without going overboard with nail trends for the important day. Consider going for an almond nail shape as it's considered the most elegant choice for a bridal manicure, and for an extra romantic touch, add pearl charms or smaller silver gems to some or all of your nails to elevate your nuptial nails. This way, your manicure will still be wedding-appropriate but more exciting than the usual bridal choices — the satin slip mani is that good.