Bring French Manicures Into The New Decade With Platinum Upgrades

You've got a special occasion coming up, so your nails mustn't outshine your outfit. You've considered the classic French manicure but don't want your nails to look like everyone else at the party. Combine classic with chic by giving your French manicure a platinum upgrade.

Just like platinum jewelry is perfect for accessorizing any outfit, platinum tips provide a little bling factor but don't overwhelm. It adds a futuristic touch to your ends that blends seamlessly with a black-tie affair but is casual enough to look perfect in the work environment. Plus, you can customize the chrome manicure to give it just a splash of your own personality by adding fun details or changing up the tip shape.

Make your nails worthy of a Met Gala by checking out platinum French tips to upgrade your nail art game. Use the inspiration these looks create to design your own unique platinum French manicure experience.

Brushed chrome French tip that's double platinum

You've heard of double platinum songs but might not have realized that your nails could reach those heights. Well, guess what? Metallic is the new white this season for trending nails that make a statement.

With the traditional square tip, @thenailtable_tampa1 takes modern French tips to iron-hot proportions with brushed silvered tips. The platinum tips draw your attention in all their molten, mirrored glory, but the true wow factor is the crisp double platinum lines that spice everything up. These nails perfectly blend classic and modern to complement any outfit.

Reflective platinum French tips with diamond appeal

Sparkle is the name of the game when it comes to your nails. It doesn't matter what trend you're trying each salon visit; they should shine brighter than the Hope diamond.

@beautyxelsie brings the sparkle back in this fabulously reflective creation that mixes the traditional pink base with a glitterific French tip. What truly makes this platinum creation stand out is the way the ends shimmer right off the nails. This modern twist uses the round tip to truly highlight the glitter. 

Shimmery platinum ends with a metallic twist

There is no denying that a French manicure looks fabulous on every nail length, from long and luxurious to short and sweet. It can be fun to add a bit of spice to your nail art, especially when you're dealing with a long nail and have a lot of real estate to work with.

Keep it classic with a beautiful square shape on a longer nail. The trending liquid metal manicure looks like it's ready to drip right off the nail. The style is also perfectly complemented by dancing platinum swirls on alternating fingers.

Outline platinum tip for subtle beauty

Your fingers aren't going to be the ones that stop the show with bling and bedazzling; however, they always have a subtle beauty that's up to date with the latest trends. When jumping on the platinum bandwagon, having your own flair is always fun. Therefore, try creating a minimalist tip using shimmery, platinum lines for a fabulous outline French manicure.

@magdaericzon shows you the beauty in simplicity by designing an almost natural-looking, rounded acrylic nail topped off with a flawless double platinum line. It pays homage to the traditional French tip but adds its own spice.

Trick out your platinum tip with turquoise

Who says that a French manicure always has to have a pink base? While this might follow the traditional look more closely, modern twists add pizzazz by adding fun, bright base colors.

Follow the example of @noki_n.n._valjevo by adding turquoise to your platinum style. The clean polish of the nail follows perfectly with the barely-there platinum tip to create a look with a bit of pop. With the rounded square tip, you can keep simple or add glam with rhinestones.

Long platinum French manicure to adore

It can be hard to find the right way to show the world that love is in the air. Sure, you might add some heart stickers to your painted fingers, but that's not your nail art style. Instead, create a simple look that pays homage to the adoration in your soul.

In addition to the reflective tips that capture the light with a mirror-like quality, @jmjayynails adds a chrome heart to the ring finger. The blunt square tips provide the perfect canvas for the hand-painted heart to create nails that all your coworkers adore.

Mirror tips to satisfy your platinum soul

Platinum, so shiny you can see yourself in it, takes on a new meaning when it comes to your nails. Make your tips shine right off your fingers by adding a platinum French manicure to your wish list.

Chrome nails are the name of the game for Instagrammer @travelovaya. Not only do the tips reflect the sky above, but the base is sporting a pink chrome that's genuinely otherworldly. Together, it's a stylish look that hits all those futuristic vibes you crave. Now imagine pairing this nail combination with your platinum and rose gold necklace. 

Glittery platinum tips that make a point

Playing around with your French manicure is always fun. The point your nails make is even more poignant when you try to mix and match styles to show different sides of your personality.

Get addicted to the platinum look by trying a fun twist like @nailsbyleah.__ did by combining white and platinum tips on a square end. As if that weren't enough to draw your eyes and have you heading for the nail salon, add rhinestones to the base to increase the shine factor. And the swirl on the index finger covers both your yin and yang.

Alternating platinum manicure perfect for a black-tie affair

For a special occasion, a French manicure is a go-to for many because it's simple and doesn't distract from the look of your outfit. But white tips can get old fast, and if you're wearing your most beautiful silver dress, platinum tips provide just the added glam you need to set everything off perfectly.

@kathrynemcgrathnails adds something extra to the platinum look by mixing a traditional silver tip with an abstract half-tip in black on the index and ring finger. The black tip is also accentuated by a platinum stroke along the base to create a unique shape within the pink.

That's a wrap on platinum nails

Create a flashy French manicure that is perfect for a celebration by coupling a platinum tip with a creative present like @agnes.k_a. The ring finger looks like a perfectly wrapped present complete with a fabulous hand-paned silver bow. It's some wow to bring out the sparkle and shine of the glistening rounded square nails.

If you love classic trends but want to try something new, get the best of both worlds by adding futuristic chrome tips to your French manicure. It's a style that's sure to add a little bit of sparkle and shine to any outfit.