How Your Favorite Necklace Could Be Causing Hair Breakage

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We all love to accessorize with our favorite necklaces, but did you know they might be causing hidden damage to your hair? Not only can your necklace pull your hair right out, but the constant tugging can weaken the strands that aren't pulled out. This seemingly-harmless act can cause split ends, frizziness, and even breakage over time.

A few strands might not seem like a lot to lose, but the numbers add up. Each time your hair is tugged at or damaged by a necklace, the hair follicles can be weakened, leading to slower growth. Over time, the combination of breakage, split ends, and weak follicles can result in a noticeable decrease in hair volume.

So, how can you prevent this? Well, if your hair only gets tangled while removing your necklace, a simple solution is to put on a hair bonnet before removing your necklace. You can get a satin silk hair bonnet for a little over $8. However, if your necklace and your hair seem desperate never to be parted, you'll need to learn how to identify jewelry that is less likely to get caught up in your hair.

Smoother chains are less-likely to break your hair

The perfect anti-tangle necklaces are those with smoother and thicker chains. They are less likely to tangle and break your hair because they aren't as thin or intricate as other options. This means avoiding link-type chains like box chains in favor of wheat or curb chains. Similarly, low-quality necklaces are a poor choice. Jewelry made from high-quality materials are usually smoother and less likely to get tangled up with your hair.

Next up, you want to consider the pendant. Large pendants are unrepentant hair magnets, so you should forgo them in favor of simpler and smaller options that lie close to the skin. These types make it harder for your hair to catch on. If your hair gets caught in the clasps, go for spring clasps instead of lobster clasps.

It's also important to consider the length of your necklace, as shorter styles like chokers or collars are less likely to do any tangling. Collars and chokers can be enchanting options when paired with the right outfit. However, remember that there are several reasons why choker necklaces may be dangerous, so be sure to research choker safety tips.

Do this if your hair gets caught in your necklace

If your hair keeps getting tangled in your necklace, you can use a pin or tweezer and a bit of olive oil to untangle your hair carefully. This might be an implication that your hair isn't as strong as it should be. So you may have to ditch necklaces while you work on strengthening treatments that will improve the health and durability of your hair.

To get started, invest in deep conditioning treatments. Regular deep conditioning treatments nourish and strengthen the hair. They improve hair moisture and elasticity, which reduces breakage. Deep conditioning treatments should be paired with protein treatments.

These treatments improve your hair's protein levels, improving its strength and promoting growth. Finally, remember that your diet is a part of hair care. Add foods for better hair to your diet to give your locks an internal boost and make them less susceptible to breakage.