Why Choker Necklaces May Be Dangerous

Anyone paying attention to style trends has likely noticed that an accessory from yesteryear has returned with a vengeance: the choker necklace. If you were young in the early 1990s, you likely have fond memories of pairing a velvet choker with a plaid shirt or, a little later in the decade, perhaps it was a tattoo choker and a tank top. But if you feel like "kids these days" are just stealing your old style, it's probably worth noting that chokers first became popular during the Victorian era so technically, we're all just ripping off earlier generations (via The Atlantic).

As enthused or unenthused as we might be to see chokers return, there are some who worry about the physical safety of this type of jewelry since, as their name indicates, they are worn very tightly around the neck and throat. As it turns out, there are some styles of chokers that pose more risks than others, and there are some safety tips available for fashionistas who want to make sure discomfort and freak accidents alike do not return along with the choker. 

Choker safety tips

The first thing to consider when deciding which choker to wear is what it's made of (via A Fashion Blog). While fashion and your own personal style will obviously dictate a great deal of which type of fabric or material your prefer your necklaces to be made from, there are some that are safer choices than others. Because the materials have some "give" to them and are flexible, lace, ribbon, velvet, and yes, even those vintage tattoo chokers are among the safest choker options. Less flexible fabrics like leather, plastic, and metal can be more constricting, and if, heaven forbid, they get caught on something, the lack of stretch could cause a dangerous situation. 

Another thing to consider is the clasp or closure of your choker. Tie-backs or adjustable chokers allow you to customize the length of the necklace to ensure a comfortable fit (via Supplement Police). Chokers with one singular closure or clasp that are pre-cut in length aren't customizable, meaning you could be wearing one that is too constricting, thereby potentially interrupting either airflow or blood flow. Yikes! It's also a good idea to remove chokers before getting involved in physical activity and before going to sleep to prevent accidental tugging or tightening.

If you want to wear a choker and bring that classic style back, be our guest! Just make sure you're as safe as you are stylish.