B&B's Darin Brooks Sees More Growth And Competition In Wyatt Spencer's Future

On "The Bold and the Beautiful," as Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) has agonized over the fact that his wife, Hope Logan (Annika Noelle), was going on a business trip to Italy with supposedly-reformed bad boy Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), he's been lucky to have his brother as a steadfast sounding board. Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) has been there for Liam, listening to his tales of woe, and attempting to give him sound advice. But, it's been a little hard to get through to Liam, who's been preoccupied with the whole scenario. In one recent scene, Wyatt was going over business details for Spencer Publications with Liam, who was lost in thought.

Attempting to see if Liam was truly paying attention, Wyatt jokingly stated that they could blow up the company's building, and Liam concurred. Wyatt then yelled at his brother about what he agreed to, making Liam emerge from his deep thought. Wyatt's attempt to reassure him that nothing will happen in Rome — the most romantic city in the world — only makes Liam feel worse. The brothers then have a discussion about the situation, with Liam stating that Hope believes Thomas is no longer obsessed with her. This sort of back-and-forth banter illustrates the actors' chemistry, and is why the two are so entertaining together.

As Brooks celebrates 10 years of playing Wyatt Spencer, he recently opened up about how the character has changed, and where he sees Wyatt going in the future.

Wyatt has grown up over the years

Soaps interviewed Darin Brooks about his decade portraying Wyatt Spencer on "The Bold and the Beautiful." He said initially, Scott Clifton, who plays Wyatt's brother Liam, was confident Brooks got the part after auditioning because "I made the scene about love, and that's what this show is all about." He went on to explain that while soaps have 30 or more script pages a day for actors to memorize, a lot more compared to other shows he's been on, with "B&B," "We're allowed to sort of make the characters our own, which means I can ad-lib some and not have to worry about getting every word right!" Although sometimes in scenes with both Clifton and Don Diamont (Bill Spencer), the director will have to tone the ad-libbing back. "We start to have a little too much fun!" he quipped.

Brooks also stated that Wyatt has matured as a character, remarking, "He went from that young kid who was a free spirit trying to figure his world out to someone [who] has his head on straighter, largely because of Bill and getting to know Liam." He added that this growth of character doesn't lessen Wyatt's charm, who still has no problem speaking his mind.

Looking ahead at the next decade for Wyatt, Brooks feels that the character will move up the ladder at Spencer Publications, envisioning that "Liam and Wyatt [will have] to fight for control of their father's company. We could have a lot of fun with that."