The Hallmark Movie That Was One Of The 'Best Experiences' Of Paul Campbell's Life

Since making his Hallmark debut in 2013, fan-favorite Paul Campbell has become a well-known face on the network. He's appeared in over a dozen made-for-TV movies, starring alongside notable channel names such as Ashley Williams and Kimberley Sustad. Campbell also wears dual hats at Hallmark, having writing credits in addition to his on-screen acting gigs.

The year 2022 saw one of the actor's biggest successes, as he starred in "Three Wise Men and a Baby" alongside Tyler Hynes and Andrew Walker. The Christmas flick, which follows three brothers unexpectedly tasked with caring for a baby over the holidays, was super popular, becoming one of the year's most-watched movies on the network.

The Christmas magic wasn't limited to the screen, though, as writing and filming the movie was reportedly one of Campbell's best experiences. Considering "Three Wise Men and a Baby" allowed him to write a fun, festive comedy and work with two other leading Hallmark men, we can see where the star is coming from.

Filming the Christmas flick with his co-stars was a good time

Since the premiere of "Three Wise Men and a Baby," Paul Campbell has spoken fondly of his experience writing and filming the Christmas movie. He told TV Insider, "Yeah, that was one of the best filming experiences in my life, getting to spend three weeks with those boys, again on a movie that I had co-written, and seeing it come to life."

As mentioned, the Hallmark celeb acted alongside fellow network veterans Tyler Hynes and Andrew Walker, which really contributed to the overall experience for the actor. Campbell provided insight into the fun times they had during a promotional Q&A for the film, sharing, "In all honesty, I found myself laughing harder at moments just, you know, during lunchtime or costume changes in between scenes. There were times when I was incapacitated with laughter."

These behind-the-scenes good times were teased on the cast members' social media, with Campbell posting a slow-motion video of the trio exiting their trailers in festive costumes while Hynes shared a clip of him and Campbell jokingly trying to gun it after they spot Walker chatting with a local. With just these few BTS peaks, we can tell that the actors had a memorable time on set together.

The writing experience was also important to Campbell

In addition to enjoying the time he spent with his costars, Paul Campbell also shared that "Three Wise Men and a Baby" was a significant experience for him because he co-wrote the script with fellow Hallmark actor Kimberley Sustad.

"The process on this was probably the best creative writing process I've had thus far in my entire, albeit short, writing career," Campbell shared during the Hallmark Q&A, explaining that he and Sustad were given a lot of creative leeway and support from the network.

"Kim and I wrote what we thought was such a fun, full-of-heart, silly movie. And actually having that movie come to life was pretty extraordinary," Campbell told TV Insider. "It's made me realize just how incredible this Hallmark family that we all have really is. This is truly a family effort, that one. I will never forget it. It will always be very, very close to my heart."