'Pool Water' Nails Are The Easiest Way To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

Looking for a new nail trend to dive into this summer? Oh boy, have we got some cool, refreshing manicure inspo for you. "Pool water" nails are making quite the splash this season and for good reason. These nails are perfectly on theme for days spent lounging in the summer sun — or better yet, dipping your toes in the pool.

Pool water nails capture the essence of the quintessential summer activity — spending time at the swimming pool. While other summery designs like flower power nail art or bright and bold colors hint at warm weather themes, pool water nails take things a bit more literally. Plenty of beauty aficionados may be embracing the "naked nail summer" trend, but the rest of us will be taking our manicure inspiration from the world around us. Pool water nails look equal parts plucked from the natural world and very intricately executed. However, they're almost as easy to create as it is to lie out on a float in a perfectly clear pool — almost.

What are pool water nails?

There are few things quite as refreshing-looking on a hot summer afternoon as the clear, cool surface of a swimming pool. This feeling is something that we can all relate to, which makes it the perfect inspiration for a summertime nail look. While bold, blue nails are always cool, this unique finish makes the water reference unmistakable. With tons of shine and unique depth and detail that adds the illusion of movement, there's no way you could spot pool water nails without knowing exactly what they're meant to evoke.

How to create pool water nails

We know how difficult it looks like pool water nails would be to recreate, but that makes it all the more satisfying when you discover that they aren't so difficult, after all. Tiktoker and self-proclaimed "nail magician" @ballpit_nails shows how easy it is to achieve this viral nail look. She recommends starting with sheer blue gel nail polish and covering that with a layer of sheer white polish. Don't go for the LED lamp right away — instead, add dollops of clear gel polish all over the nails to create the water effect. Finish by curing.

Dare to decorate

Pool water nails are a serious statement all on their own. However, they also can provide a canvas for more experimentation and detail. Plenty of folks embracing the aquatic-inspired trend have taken the look a step further. Consider the many options a water-themed base offers if you're a fan of elaborate, detailed nail art. From fish and lily pads to beach balls and hibiscus flowers, anything that reminds you of water and summertime can be the perfect details to add to your pool water base. Shimmer and glitter are also welcome additions to this nail style. 

Beyond blue

It's pretty easy to see why pool water nails are most frequently shades of blue. Despite the fact that to get the full effect you need to go with a blue shade, that doesn't mean that this surprisingly versatile nail style doesn't work in an array of hues. Choose a different fresh and vibrant color like bubblegum pink, neon green, or even yellow for a bright, sunny manicure, and complement it with nail art accordingly. If you do choose to go with classic blue, feel free to mix it up as different blue shades give off different vibes.

Combine with other nail trends

Pool water nails are one of the most popular styles this season. Still, this nail art is about the finish. Consequently, in addition to swapping out the color or the nail art that you add to them, you can also combine them with other nail trends. This nude nail color to blue pool water ombre is so cool and unexpected. Accent nails are another great way to experiment. Add a pool water accent nail to a set of plain blue nails, or try hot pink floral accent nails with a pool water set.