Captain Lee Is Addressing His Below Deck Future (And If He'll Be Back) - Exclusive

Captain Lee Rosbach has been the star of "Below Deck" for 10 seasons, known for his no-nonsense sayings and hilarious insults. Following some health issues during Season 10, it was revealed that Captain Lee would be taking a break from "Below Deck" and that "Below Deck Adventure" star Captain Kerry Titheradge would be taking his place. Obviously, fans were distraught to hear that "Below Deck" would be bereft of Captain Lee's inimitable charm and meme-worthy moments for the foreseeable future. 

Despite stepping back from "Below Deck," Captain Lee has been extremely busy. In fact, the reality star is working with Dramamine on the Ditch the Drama Sweepstakes, an incredible competition designed to give three lucky winners the vacation of a lifetime. "They don't have to worry about packing," Captain Lee tells The List. "They don't have to worry about travel arrangements. They don't have to worry about anything except getting there and having fun. Now, that is truly a Ditch the Drama Sweepstakes, because you know how hard planning a vacation can be."

In an exclusive interview with The List, Captain Lee Rosbach opens up about his future on "Below Deck" and how he feels about taking a break from the Bravo series.

Captain Lee thinks 'retirement is totally overrated'

Captain Lee Rosbach's absence from "Below Deck" will most certainly be felt by viewers, but according to the Bravo star, he's not necessarily said goodbye to the series for good. "I'm probably going to take a year off for Season 11," he tells The List. "After that, I don't know. I'm going to stand back, take a look at it." 

Captain Lee also hints that he's been enjoying his time off, keeping busy with everything from hanging out by the pool to playing golf with his friends. However, when it comes to retiring for good, it doesn't sound like Captain Lee is ready to leave yachting just yet. "Retirement is totally overrated," he explains. "You can only go fishing so much. You can only go golfing so much, and I like to stay busy." As well as enjoying his free time, Captain Lee has been working on some secret projects, but he refuses to give any details about what he's been working on. "I've got some other things in the works that I'm not at liberty to say," he tells The List. 

"Below Deck" fans will certainly be relieved to find out that Captain Lee hasn't ruled out a future return to the show. "I wouldn't be opposed to going back and heading out to sea again," he says. "That wouldn't offend me at all."

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