Who Are Kody Brown's Grandchildren?

One of the many things that make Kody Brown such a spectacle for curiosity is that he has an enormous family. Although he's only with one woman, Robyn, now, at one point Kody Brown had four wives. He had a lot of children with them — 18, to be exact. The "Sister Wives" reality TV star welcomed his first child, Leon Brown, with Janelle, in 1994. In 2016, Kody had his youngest child, Ariella, with his wife, Robyn. Today, most of Kody's kids are no longer children but young adults. It's probably only a matter of time, then, before the Brown family numbers skyrocket exponentially with a herd of grandchildren.

As of this writing, Kody Brown has six grandchildren: Avalon Padron, Archer Padron, Ace Padron, Axel Brush, Evangalynn Brush, and Josephine Lee Brush. And that's from just two of his kids, Mykelti Padron and Maddie Brush, having children. 

It will only get more and more difficult to keep track of Kody's grandchildren. But don't worry; we'll make sure you stay up to date as Kody has more grandchildren.

In 2017, Maddie Brush had her first child, Axel Brush

In June 2016, Kody and Janelle Brown's daughter, Maddie, married Caleb Brush at the age of 20. In November of that same year, it was announced that Maddie was pregnant with her and Caleb's first child. While expecting this first child, she told People, "We are both really excited and anxious. I think every soon-to-be parent is anxious, but we have so much support from both sides of our family."

Kody was more than excited about this news, posting on Twitter, "Yeah!!! You can call me Grandpa!" 

In May 2017, Maddie and Caleb's baby boy was born, and the parents named the oldest Brown grandchild Axel. Maddie reportedly gave birth to Axel in an all-natural, at-home birth with Janelle, Kody, Caleb, and Christine present with her. This first experience with labor was not an easy one, taking a total of 72 hours. 

In 2019, Maddie Brush had her second child, Evangalynn Brush

Although Maddie Brush endured a long, painful birth with her firstborn, that did not stop her from going for her and Caleb Brush's second. In August 2019, Maddie Brush gave birth to her second child and first daughter, Evangalynn Kodi Brush. This day was featured in Season 14 of "Sister Wives." While giving birth to Evangalynn wasn't the harrowing 72-hour experience she had with Axel, scary complications were faced in the aftermath of the baby girl's birth. 

Shortly after being examined by a medical doctor, Evangalynn was diagnosed with a genetic syndrome known as Fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly otherwise known as FATCO. This caused her to be born without a thumb, toe, and fibula, as well as with a bowed tibia and two conjoined fingers. This disorder affects less than 1,000 Americans. In an Instagram post that Maddie shared in 2021, she explained that Evangalynn's leg had to be amputated. Despite these medical challenges, Kody's grandaughter looks joyful in the picture accompanying the caption's difficult news.

In 2021, Mykelti Padron had her first child, Avalon Padron

Mykelti Padron is the second child of Kody Brown and his former wife, Christine Brown. In 2016, Mykelti married her now husband, Antonio "Tony" Padron. Four years later, in 2021, the married couple announced their first pregnancy via Instagram. Mykelti wrote, "We've been planning this since we were married almost four years ago. So happy that it's finally happened. We are expecting the baby in March 2021."

This was an eventful and somewhat chaotic year for the Brown family. That same year, Christine and Kody Brown's relationship ended after 25 years of marriage. While Christine was present for Mykelti's labor, Kody was not in attendance. However, Mykelti told US Weekly that his absence did not have to do with this drama. Instead, she left it at, "I'm not going to have my dad at my birth because, honestly, it feels weird." While doing an at-home birth, Mykelti chose to have Tony, Christine, and Robyn, one of her father's wives, present to support her. In April 2021, Mykelti gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Avalon Asa Padron.

In 2022, Mykelti Padron had twins, Archer and Ace Padron

Between 2020 and 2022, Mykelti and Tony Padron's household went from a total of two to five. After giving birth to Avalon in the spring of 2021 and just starting out their journey in parenthood, Mykelti announced on her Instagram that they were a little over 4 months pregnant by June 2022. And this time, they were pregnant with twins. According to her caption, this double duo surprised their little family. Mykelti wrote, "Tony and I definitely weren't planning this or expecting it but we're both excited for our upcoming adventure and all the chaos and love it brings."

On November 7, 2022, Mykelti gave birth to her two sons, giving them the names Archer Banks Padron and Ace McCord Padron. Apparently, the adjustment to having younger brothers took Mykelti's firstborn a moment to get comfortable with. In another Instagram post, Mykelti shared, "When Miss Avalon first met the boys she was confused and sad, but since then she like to cuddle and kiss them."

In 2023, Maddie Brush had her third child, Josephine Lee Brush

In September 2022, it was officially announced via Instagram that Kody Brown's daughter, Maddie Brush, was pregnant with her third baby. In another Instagram post, Maddie shared that there was an overlap between this pregnancy and her sister Mykelti Padron's pregnancy with Ace and Archer Padron. The two posed at a family-friendly pumpkin patch with their rotund stomachs facing each other.

In February 2023, Maddie Brush and Caleb Brush welcomed their daughter, Josephine Lee Brush. In addition, their children Axel and Evangalynn said hello to their new sister. This makes Josephine the sixth grandchild of Kody Brown. According to Christine Brown in her interview with People, becoming a grandparent has been an incredibly joyful experience, "It's so rewarding watching your children become incredibly amazing parents and then getting this wonderful bundle of love along with it!" 

We just wonder when the reality TV show will come out with a new spin-off — "Sister Grandmas."