HGTV's Galey Alix Found Her Bachelor Boyfriend With A Little DIY Initiative

As of April 2023, Galey Alix is the brand-new host of HGTV's series "Home in a Heartbeat." Alix works in a full-time finance position with one of the country's top investment banking companies. However, her passion for DIY brought her to reality television. And we mean this in more ways than one: back in 2022, the finance executive and interior designer linked up with a former reality TV star, Dale Moss.

Back in 2020, Moss appeared in the 16th season of the cult-followed show, "The Bachelorette." However, like Alix, television has just been a small portion of his career path. A former wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Chicago Bears, a model, a sports commentator, and an advocate for disability rights, Moss is a multifaceted man. After listening to him speak on the podcast "Girls Gotta Eat," Axil knew she wanted to get to know him. In an interview with People, she explained the sweet story of how they met. She told the source she "DIY'ed it" by sliding into Moss' Instagram DMs.

How Dale Moss responded to Galey Alix's Instagram DM

After Dale Moss' guest appearance on "Girls Gotta Eat," Galey Alix was impressed. She liked what she heard and followed her intuition. Taking an impressive and bold initiative, Galey Alix took out her phone and contacted the former "The Bachelorette" star via Instagram. She told People, "I was like, 'If I want this to happen, I have to do it myself.'" As we know now, Alix was more than successful. 

According to Moss, he rarely looks through his Instagram DMs. However, for some reason, he did that day. Moss told Us Weekly he opened up Alix's message, reading, "Hey, you know, I just love the way you think, and I love how you present yourself and who you are and what you stand for.'" He gushed over his girlfriend, adding that they "Went on a date, and then we've talked every day since. [She's] my best friend for sure."

Galey Alix approaches everything with a DIY mindset

When Galey Alix first met Dale Moss, she was coming out of a very dark time in her life. In her interview with People, Alix shared that she previously struggled with an eating disorder, and in the throws of that experience, her ex-fiance dumped her. In an Instagram post, Alix told her followers how she battled with her mental health during this time but eventually worked to bring herself to a healthy place in her mind, body, and career. At the time, Moss had also come out of a very public split with "The Bachelorette" contestant Clare Crawley.

Alix stressed to People how crucial taking action is to her. She values Moss' ability to take forthright action in their relationship and pushes herself to do the same. Alix explained that this value led the two of them together in the first place. She said, "I do think it's really important that if you want something to happen in your life, you can't just sit back and expect it to happen for you. You have to make it happen, and that's kind of what I did by writing to somebody I was interested in."