Whatever Happened To Catt Sadler?

In her heyday, Catt Sadler was one of TV's most recognizable hosts. She got her start in the early 2000s as an entertainment reporter and quickly rose through the ranks at E! News, hosting shows like "The Daily 10," "Live from the Red Carpet," and, finally, "Daily Pop." Throughout her decade working at E!, she became a household name thanks to her interviews with A-list stars. But in 2017, just months after landing the co-hosting gig on E!'s morning show, "Daily Pop," she disappeared from the network for good. 

As Sadler revealed at the time, her decision to part ways with E! came down to a pay dispute. After discovering that her co-host, Jason Kennedy, was earning almost twice as much as she was, she quit. "It was such an injustice; I knew at my core that I was being discriminated against, so I had no choice," she later told CBS News. Stars like Debra Messing and Eva Longoria voiced their support and her story soon became a key part of the Time's Up movement, which fought to close the gender pay gap.

Even though Sadler left E! News, she's remained pretty busy. Let's take a look at what the star has been up to since her hosting days.

Catt Sadler opened up about her decision to leave

Catt Sadler spoke to a few outlets in the aftermath of her dramatic departure from E!. Her first TV appearance came when she appeared on The View in 2018, a year after she quit her previous role. As she explained in the interview, she'd been devastated to leave the network. "It has been a wild last two months ... I was at E! for twelve years. It was my dream job," she said candidly. In fact, Sadler explained that she had believed that E! would grant her the pay increase she had asked for — when they didn't, she felt she had no option but to leave.

But even though it was hard to leave behind her "dream job," Sadler had no regrets. In 2019, Sadler spoke to Page Six about how her bold move had "paid off." "I took a leap of faith truly based on the principle of right from wrong and, of course, having to know ... my worth. I had to bet on myself," she said, adding, "It could have gone the other direction, and let's just say it hasn't at all. I'm comfortable and I'm grateful, and I'm right on track financially with where I should be."

Catt Sadler hosted the Oscar party show with Vanity Fair

After leaving E!, it wasn't long before Catt Sadler landed another impressive hosting gig. In 2018, she co-hosted Vanity Fair's Oscar party show, which aired on Twitter after the main ceremony. Sadler joined the magazine's executive digital director Mike Hogan for the streamed event, and he welcomed her to the team. 

"After the intensity of the Oscars, Hollywood comes to the Vanity Fair party to relax, unwind, and chew over everything that happened—the awards, the fashion, the speeches, and, this year especially, some serious issues, too. Catt Sadler is uniquely qualified to cover it all, and I am thrilled that she'll be joining us as we share the experience," Hogan said when her role was announced in early 2018.

Catt Sadler continued to co-host the event until 2022 — thankfully, Vanity Fair seemed more than willing to pay Sadler fairly for her work.

Catt Sadler became an advocate for the Time's Up movement

After her public departure from E!, Catt Sadler began to speak up about the importance of equal pay. Soon, she was something of a figurehead of the Time's Up movement, which saw women in a range of sectors fighting against the gender pay gap. 

Sadler was roped into the movement unexpectedly when several actors staged a demonstration against E! at the Golden Globes. Her participation made sense since her story perfectly represented the larger issue. "[To] be brought into this cause in this way has been crazy," she told Cosmopolitan later. "I just blinked and January was over, because I have been fielding so many messages, emails from women all around the world, that are fed up or needed a reminder to stand up for themselves."

Although Sadler hadn't planned on becoming a spokesperson for Time's Up, she took on the role in stride. In fact, she even wrote an essay on Equal Pay Day for Vanity Fair later that year. "Women are learning to embrace the courage to tell their stories, and together our voices are louder and stronger," she wrote. "That's why today, I'll be joining hundreds of women on the steps of City Hall in New York City to mark Equal Pay Day." We love to see it!

Catt Sadler considered suing E!

Catt Sadler didn't just quit her job at E! — it turns out she actually considered pressing charges against the network for unfair pay. In early 2018, Sadler spoke to Maria Menounos on SiriusXM about her legal plans. 

She mentioned the equal pay act on the radio show, explaining, "It is unlawful to discriminate, it is sexual discrimination, so you better believe that people are going to say on [the] record what protects them in a certain, particular instance." Menounos then asked if Sadler had plans to sue the company. She replied cryptically, "Not today."

It sounds like Sadler did, at one point, consider suing E!. However, it seems that she decided against taking legal action the company. After all, Sadler's only problem with E! was her pay — she didn't want revenge. "I'm not doing these interviews because I'm on some kind of E! takedown tour," she told Cosmopolitan after her exit. 

Catt Sadler made the podcast NAKED

One of Catt Sadler's biggest projects following her exit from E! was hosting the podcast "NAKED." The show was designed to offer honest conversations recorded right in Sadler's bedroom. "NAKED is a safe space for women to expose themselves, share honestly, and ultimately connect with audiences in a way that reminds us — we are not alone in our personal or professional struggles," reads the official page for the podcast.

As Sadler explained to LA Elements, she was inspired to create the podcast because she felt that the media had become too "superficial." "I wanted a real safe space in my bedroom to exchange with remarkable women the fascinating stories across all industries," she said. "I wanted to go a little deeper, have them be a little more honest with themselves."

Over the years, Sadler has spoken to actors, businesswomen, writers, and professionals about their lives. The last episode of "NAKED" was released in 2021 before Sadler moved on to other projects.

Catt Sadler is a pretty serious runner

Catt Sadler hasn't just been focusing on work since leaving E! — she's also been taking good care of herself. As she explained to Soph Bradshaw, one of her favorite ways to stay fit is by running. In fact, she ran her first half marathon in 2014 and continued running long-distance races after her career change.

This isn't to say that Sadler's hobby comes easily to her. She disclosed, "I'm not a natural runner." However, the star added, "There's something very sexy to me about doing that which does not come easy. Training was challenging to say the least." Apparently, her brother AJ also helped her train for the race. She explained how helpful it was to have his support. "When you share the adventure with someone you love, I find it keeps you more engaged and less likely to give up!" It's great to see that Sadler was determined to stay active while spending quality fam time. 

Catt Sadler slowed down during the pandemic

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and shelter-in-place warnings meant that most of us spent a lot more time in our homes. For Catt Sadler, whose post-E! career was just taking off in 2020, the pandemic forced her to slow things down — though this wasn't entirely a bad thing. 

"I took real inventory of my life," she told Camille Styles. "I learned commitment through various disciplines that molded me into a happier human. More consistent exercise. Consistently saw my therapist. More writing and praying."

Even though Sadler committed to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle during the pandemic, she did eventually contract the virus. In 2021, she revealed that she had caught the Delta variant of COVID after taking care of her son, and she warned fans that they should continue wearing masks. "I'm fully vaccinated and I have Covid. I'm telling you this so that you understand that the pandemic is very much NOT over," she wrote on Instagram at the time.

Catt Sadler developed a close friendship with Jennifer Lawrence

When things get tough, we all need friends we can rely on — and for Catt Sadler, that friend was actor Jennifer Lawrence. After the host left her role at E!, Lawrence became a close friend who helped her through the fallout of the messy situation.

In fact, as Sadler explained to People, Lawrence was actually one of the people who inspired her to make the bold career change. "When I made my decision to leave E!, I looked to a lot of the forces in my life, females that had done really brave things, and who stood up for what they believed in," she said. "[Jennifer Lawrence] was absolutely one of those people to me, that doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk." She added, "She was so supportive, fearless and encouraging." We couldn't agree more!

Lawrence later appeared on Sadler's podcast "NAKED," where she opened up about her experiences with misogyny in Hollywood. Clearly, these two have a lot in common — we love to see a strong female friendship like this one!

Catt Sadler became a host on A Drink With

After the success of "NAKED," Catt Sadler decided to join yet another podcast. "A Drink With" was also a show that featured interviews with fascinating people — but this time, instead of hosting the chat in her bedroom, Sadler sat down with guests over a drink. "A Drink With is a one-of-a-kind web series that sits down with celebrities, artists, athletes and entrepreneurs over a drink and shares their inspiring success stories," reads the website. "A Drink With" is also hosted by Hillary Sawchuk, and Sadler has hosted a number of live sessions of the podcast.

With her wealth of experience interviewing A-listers, Sadler was a natural fit for the interview series. As her bio notes, "Catt brings meaningful and entertaining intel to the conversations over drinks with influential changemakers. Every week Catt toasts to inspiring guests with stories of how they — with resilience and strength — overcame challenging obstacles and came out the other side." It seems like she's found yet another great way to use her skills and get paid properly for it.

Catt Sadler started the podcast It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

In the past few years, Catt Sadler has become something of a maven in the podcast industry. After "Naked" and "A Drink With," Sadler launched yet another podcast — "It Sure is a Beautiful Day." Like her other podcasts, the show featured Sadler's honest, open interview style. "I've created an upbeat inspiring space for people who want more joy in their lives," she explained to Camille Styles. "It's girl gab-sesh meets enlightenment sprinkled with stories, as shared by my various guests."

In her Instagram announcement about the new podcast, Sadler wrote, "I can't wait to have these conversations and hear your thoughts on a life well lived." So far, Sadler has interviewed the likes of Frieda Pinto, Tata Harper, Molly Shannon, Scarlett Johansson, and many more. On camera or off, it seems like Sadler's natural hosting skills always manage to shine through.

Catt Sadler has amped up her self-care routine

Since leaving E!, Catt Sadler hasn't just been seeking out new career opportunities — she has also been taking care of herself. "To me, health means a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit," she told Soph Bradshaw. "It is important to nurture each aspect of the body as each is truly interconnected."

And that's exactly what Sadler does — in fact, she has a pretty rigorous self-care routine. As the host told Ritual, she likes to take things slowly in the morning. "There's something very centering about waking up, brewing some coffee, taking my Ritual vitamin, and then heading into my backyard and taking in the beauty of the morning," she shared. The star also finds time during each day to center herself. 

Unsurprisingly, Sadler boasts a thorough skincare routine that she does each and every morning. Considering just how much self-care she does, it's no wonder Sadler has continued thriving since leaving E!.

Catt Sadler was busy raising her two sons

In between work and self-care, Catt Sadler has also been occupied with her two sons, Austin and Arion Boyd, who were teenagers when she left E! in 2017. Of course, even before exiting her hosting role, she had been pretty busy being a mom. "I host a TV show five days a week, raise two kids by myself and try to look and feel fabulous and glamorous," she told Self back in 2010.

As Sadler explained to LA Elements in 2023, her approach to parenting has not changed much since leaving E!. "I don't know if what I'm trying to teach them is any different today than it would have been ten years ago," she said, adding that respect and kindness are major priorities in their family. "I continuously try to inspire them to follow their dreams, and be their best selves and follow their passions and whatnot."

Catt Sadler began offering video consultations

Wish you could have a career like Catt Sadler's? Well, it turns out, you're in luck. In the years since leaving E!, the host has actually started sharing her wisdom in the form of personal video consultations offered through the app Intro.

Sadler announced the collaboration on Instagram in 2023. She also explained that the app is built around professionals providing one-on-one consultations to subscribers looking for advice in their fields of expertise.

Apparently, Sadler's video consultations — which range between 15 minutes and an hour — are designed to help brands and entrepreneurs learn how to create and monetize content online. She also offers tips on how to follow in her footsteps as a broadcast journalist. It's amazing to see how Sadler's passing on what she's learned in the industry to a whole new generation. Sounds like a pretty dreamy opportunity if you ask us! 

Catt Sadler opened up about her plastic surgery

In 2023, Catt Sadler underwent a series of cosmetic procedures: a facelift, a neck lift, and an eye lift. While some might criticize her choices, Sadler explained to Glamour that she didn't care what anyone else thought about her.

"It's not like I did it because I can't get a job," she said. "It's not that I did it because I want my boyfriend to think I look 35. None of that was a consideration. It was more about looking in the mirror and feeling good. How I feel."

As usual, Sadler was completely upfront with fans, and the star was honest about her reasons for getting the surgery and her recovery process. "I'm not personally judging anyone who keeps these things private, but ... I did not want to do that," she said. "Why not be transparent? Why not inform women about what it can be like?" We commend her straightforward approach — as always, Sadler is a total role model.