Every Street Style Enthusiast Needs White Sneakers - Here's How To Find Your Perfect Pair

White sneakers are one of the most versatile forms of footwear out there. Their simple coloring allows them to be mixed and matched with different outfits, while their overall aesthetic can work great with a plethora of styles. For example, they're one of the ultimate French girl-style sneakers and also work great with off-duty-model-inspired outfits.

Though these shoes can be found in a variety of fashion aesthetics, they have long been street-style staples. Sneakers, in general, are a major element of streetwear, but white sneakers have been particularly popular in the last few years. In this way, they're a closet must-have that every street-style enthusiast should consider adding to their rotation.

Despite being a seemingly simple footwear, there are several things to consider when picking out your own pair of white sneakers. From comfort and style to budget and aesthetics, here's how to find the perfect pair of white street-style tennis shoes.

Think about your preferred look and fabric

When it comes to picking out the right pair of white sneakers for your street-style outfits, your preferred material and look will be major contributing factors to what will work best for you. Not only will the fabric of your shoes play a large role in their style, but it will also determine their comfort.

If you're searching for a more sporty look, then fabrics like breathable meshes or faux leathers will capture the traditional vibe of sports shoes. These fabrics are undoubtedly some of the most breathable sneaker materials, as they're designed to keep your feet cool during workouts. For some examples, think of the classic Air Force 1s from Nike or the sustainable Tree Runners from Allbirds.

If you're a fan of the chunky dad sneaker look, then you can check out the Disruptor 2 Premiums from Fila or the Bondi 8s from Hoka. For something with a similarly retro or nostalgic feel, canvas sneakers like Converse's Chuck Taylor All Stars would be the perfect pick. Canvas is the most breathable shoe fabric next to mesh materials, so they're a good pick if keeping your feet cool is a priority.

Consider your budget restrictions

When picking out the right pair of white sneakers for your personal take on street-style fashion, budget is also a major factor. While some shoe enthusiasts won't think twice about paying the $545 price tag on Golden Goose's Purestar sneakers, most of us have to be more conscious about our spending decisions.

With this in mind, you also want to make sure you're investing in a quality pair of sneakers rather than a cheap set that won't last. You can always shop on thrifting apps or at your local consignment shops for discounted white sneakers. Not only will this be more affordable, but it's also a more sustainable option than buying new.

Some examples of these more affordable options are Fila's Memory Workshift Slip Resistant shoes for $60 and Nike's Court Royale shoes for $55. If you're not concerned with having a well-regarded brand known for their sneakers, then you can also check out Rocket Dog's Cheery White Sneakers which are $44.95.