What Happened To Ta-Ta Towels After The Shark Tank Episode?

When Ta-Ta Towels founder Erin Robertson appeared on "Shark Tank" in 2018, the panel of Sharks was interested in her concept: an innovative line of bras made using mostly terry cloth that absorbs pesky boob sweat while still serving as a reliable and sturdy garment. Having created the towel bras following a date night plagued with embarrassing boob sweat, Robertson was able to make over $1 million in sales within her first year of business after her creation went viral. However, by the following year, sales had decreased and Robertson only reached $180,000 by the time she appeared on the hit show.

She went to the judges with those numbers and the promise to continue selling domestically. Though the judges were all impressed by her attitude and $1 million sales year, only one shark bit. Robertson ultimately accepted a $200,000 investment from "Shark Tank" star Lori Greiner in exchange for a 40% stake in the company. An independent "Shark Tank" fan blog claimed the deal never closed after the episode aired, though this has not been substantiated. Regardless, Ta-Ta Towels' "Shark Tank" appearance and the boost it got from Greiner's promotion managed to drive up interest in the product. Many people were left wondering if the Ta-Ta Towels blew up after its television appearance, and the answer is it absolutely did.

Ta-Ta Towels have expanded its products beyond bras

During the "Shark Tank" appearance, the adjustable sweat-reducing bras were only available in original and maternity in one signature halter-top style that covers each breast individually. Once Ta-Ta Towels got its boost from "Shark Tank," inventor Erin Robertson was able to expand the product selection significantly. Now, the company offers products beyond its inaugural style that complements the top.

Ta-Ta Towels offers a line of robes made 100% from modal fabric. They come in three options: Basic Betty, Sassy, and Classy. Additionally, there are the popular Shorties, terry cloth shorts that have matching ToobTops and Ta-Ta Towels, which are sold separately. The ToobTops are made from the same material, but instead of holding each breast in its own towel sack, it serves as one wide wraparound band, which still does the trick to keep moisture away — think of it as a tube top specifically designed for your chest. The company also sells head wraps known as Mane-Tamers, which absorb water from your hair and protect it from heat while on the go.

Ta-Ta Towels have become more affordable since Shark Tank

While pitching her idea to the Sharks, Erin Robertson revealed that the initial price of her Ta-Ta Towels was $45 for the originals, while the maternity versions were on sale for $55. This is partially due to the manufacturing cost being $24 per bra, which investor Mark Cuban pointed out as being extremely expensive. The price of the Ta-Ta Towels has since decreased to just $34.99, a signal that the $200,000 funding the company may or may not have received may have gone toward cheaper production costs.

Today, Ta-Ta Towels continues to thrive. Sporting over 220,000 Instagram followers and 260,000 TikTok followers, the company updates customers frequently on new colors and products. The company also shows off different ways to wear the bras, which aren't limited to just being worn underneath shirts. Shortly after her appearance on "Shark Tank," Robertson told CNBC Make It that the exposure on the show had driven sales through the roof, praising Greiner for showing her the ropes. It looks like as long as boob sweat remains a nuisance in women's lives, the Ta-Ta Towels are here to stay.