Unique Personal Styling Tips If The Latest Fashion Trends Just Aren't For You

Figuring out your personal style can be a journey with many ups and downs. Most people look back on old pictures and question what they were thinking when it came to their fashion choices. However, it's easy to get influenced by the popular trends of the time instead of focusing on what feels good to you.

Your clothing choices should be an extension of who you are and a creative outlet for self-expression. Of course, this is easier said than done and it can be difficult any time you go against the mainstream. Any millennial who clung to their side part and skinny jeans likely understands the struggle. When it comes to the debate between theĀ middle part vs. the side part, your hairstyle can say a lot about you.

Similarly, clinging to older fashion trends or resisting new ones because they are outside of your comfort zone isn't always a good thing. It can keep you in a box and actually stifle your creativity. Instead of feeling pressure to constantly conform to the newest look that changes by the season, focus on curating a personal style that is timeless, unique, and authentically you.

What types of clothes make you excited?

There are certain outfits or pieces of clothing that have the ability to spark something inside of you. It could be a cute pair of overalls that remind you of your carefree summers as a kid, or it could simply be a color that fills you with joy when you see it.

According to The Guardian, there is actually a science behind the colors you wear and the psychological impact it has on your overall mood. Therefore, taking a look at your closet and spending some time analyzing how you feel internally when you wear certain items can be really helpful in prioritizing the clothes that increase your happiness.

Instead of asking what's trending or questioning how those around you will react to a certain outfit, creating your own personal style relies on placing your opinion above the thoughts of others. With the rise in people working from home, it has become increasingly easy to simply remain in loungewear all day. However, Geisinger emphasizes the importance of still dressing up, even if it's just because it brings you joy. Putting on a stylish outfit that makes you feel confident can actually give you energy and increase your productivity throughout the workday.

Focus on self-confidence over fashion trends

It can be easy to feel like you have to go out and buy the latest trending items to add to your wardrobe, even if they don't make you feel confident when you're wearing them. Whether it's a high-waisted bathing suit, crop tops, jean shorts, or leggings, feeling self-conscious in your clothing is a huge red flag.

It's okay to accept that what's trending is simply not for you. Instead of focusing on fitting in with the crowd and dressing in a way that seems socially acceptable for the time, take your mental and emotional needs into consideration. Styling You talks about outfit confidence and how the internal dialogue in your head surrounding your style choices can play a major role in your overall mood.

Rather than asking yourself what's in style, focus on what makes you feel good. Understanding your unique "style personalities" and then honoring those when you are getting dressed each day can help you love your body. Plus, finding the right clothes that fit correctly is also essential in building self-esteem. Instead of trying to blend in by forcing a style that makes you uncomfortable in your own skin, cultivate your own outfits based on what aligns with you.

Don't be afraid to go back to the basics

While people may reference the 5 fashion must-haves if you like simple style, the idea is centered on buying simple, staple items that can be used in a variety of outfits and looks. Ultimately, there are no rules when it comes to fashion and nothing you "must have" in order to create an outfit you love. What works for someone else may not work for you.

Figuring out your personal style is all about getting to know your likes and dislikes, and finding the confidence to show up as your true authentic self. However, if the thought of going against mainstream fashion trends is overwhelming, starting with some basic items can be a great way to mix and match different looks to see what feels good to you.

Purchasing simple pieces of clothing that can live in your closet for years is an amazing way to invest in yourself because they act as the backdrop of your style. When you feel like changing things up a little bit, it is easy to do when your closet consists of neutral dresses, everyday jewelry, and a few go-to pairs of jeans.

Create a look that is quintessential to you

Some of your favorite celebrities have curated a brand based on their unique style and over time their fashion choices aren't even questioned. For example, Taylor Swift has been known to reinvent herself with each new era by completely changing up her outfits and appearance. The start of her career was marked by sundresses and cowboy boots but once she hit her reputation era it was all about the black bedazzled leotards.

According to Stylecaster, your signature item can be big or small but it's something that becomes recognizable as a part of your look. Once you narrow down whether you want to be more minimalistic or dramatic with your everyday style, you'll have a better idea of what items to consider. When it comes to jewelry, you could add a large bracelet and big hoop earrings to your style or keep it simple with dainty rings.

Another option is to focus on colors and clothing types. Perhaps you're a t-shirt person and that's going to be your signature look. If there's a color you are obsessed with, getting it in a jacket that can be worn with various different outfits is a good option. It's also important to recognize that your style goes beyond just clothes and accessories. The complete evolution of Ariana Grande is a great example of how her signature ponytail became a well-known part of her look!

Don't overlook the shoes

One of the easiest ways to cultivate your personal style regardless of the fashion trends swirling around is to find your favorite style of shoes and wear them unapologetically. This might mean wearing boots with every outfit, whether you're in jeans or a dress. Alternatively, you may live in ballet flats or want to wear heels to every occasion. You might even discover that rocker shoes are the best for hot girl walks.

Shoes play a huge role in your overall fashion and not being afraid to rock the footwear you love is important because they can easily become part of your signature look. L'Officiel also touches on how shoes are an investment and purchasing well-made footwear will last you a very long time. They also address the intersection of fashion and functionality by stressing the importance of comfort and support when it comes to shoes.

Since feeling good in your own skin plays a huge role in honing your personal style, taking the time to find a few staple shoe options that support your feet and give you confidence will go a long way in perfecting your wardrobe. At the end of the day, there are many factors that come into play when developing your personal style. So, don't worry if you can't get on board with the current trends.